Melinda Fine

Melinda Fine

Director of Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships

TCC Group’s Director of Philanthropy and Strategic Partnerships Melinda Fine, Ed.D., brings over 30 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership as a grantmaker and strategy consultant to her work with mission-driven institutions. At TCC, Melinda leads efforts for private, family, community, and public foundations, funder collaborations, and affinity groups, spanning institutional strategic planning and portfolio strategy development; field landscape research; strategic learning and capacity building; foundation and grants management; and grantmaking. Recent, illustrative engagements include: vision and strategy support for the Open Society Institute’s Global Drug Policy Program; facilitation of strategic planning efforts for the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative and the Greater Rochester Health Foundation; strategic learning and partnership collaboration services for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Resilience Partnership; and oversight of foundation management services for seven family foundations housed at TCC. A generalist accustomed to working across and issue areas, Melinda brings specialized academic and professional expertise in education, youth, gender justice, and community building.

What Surprises Me about Human Rights Grantmaking

When your job centers on helping funders assess needs, devise strategies, and manage and evaluate their grantmaking, you wish that every field would have a resource like Advancing Human Rights: Update on Global Foundation Grantmaking. Since IHRFG and Foundation Center launched this series four years ago—and added an interactive website three years ago—I have made regular use of these tools to understand levels of foundation engagement within and at the intersection of issues ranging from women’s rights in the Global South to environmental justice in the United States. This research has also been invaluable in helping the foundations I work with to see just how many peers and practitioners have aligned interests and could become partners in realizing their goals.

That is why I was surprised when I sat down to read the 2017 Edition of the Advancing Human Rights report. I realized that in using these resources to answer my very specific, client-focused questions, I had been missing some findings and trends that are beginning to reshape my thinking about foundation support for human rights. Continue reading

How to Strengthen Your Family Foundation’s Impact

As with all foundations, family foundations work to have a meaningful and measurable impact on social problems. But they also have a second, unique purpose: to serve as a unifying vehicle for multiple generations, providing opportunities for family members to share philanthropic interests. Establishing this cohesion can be accomplished by Continue reading