Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence

Senior Research Affiliate

Steven Lawrence, a senior research affiliate with TCC Group, takes a mixed-methods approach to developing the knowledge needed by funders and nonprofits to make well-informed decisions. His current clients include Ariadne: European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights, Grantmakers in the Arts, and Helicon Collaborative.

The First Year of a New Presidency Moves Philanthropy to Action

The speculation for most of us began on Wednesday morning, November 9, 2016.

Regardless of political affiliation, the election win by a presidential candidate who promised dramatic changes in governing style and policies from the prior administration meant that grantmakers might have to rethink their current strategies and, quite possibly, fundamental priorities. As the new administration’s policy agenda rolled out over its first year in office, the interest areas of more and more funders were touched by the shifting political landscape. Continue reading