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COVID-19 Response

Re-Envisioning Readiness for a Transformed World

Pro Bono Offer: Diagnostic Tools & Technical Assistance

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”—Albert Einstein

Autumn typically brings images of students returning to the classroom, the changing colors of leaves, fall festivals, and parades.

Yet if the first eight months of 2020 are any indication, these will not be the indelible images left in our mind. This year has already been marked by dual crises: the arrival of a global pandemic that has disproportionately impacted communities of color and other minorities—followed by protests condemning the racial injustice that plagues our nation. As we head into fall, these dual crises are likely to become the indelible images that define 2020.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, leaders in all fields continue to grapple with unprecedented challenges, requiring tough decisions and decisive action.

TCC Group has been collaborating with leaders to solve complex social problems for the past forty years and, at this crucial moment in time, our commitment to advance the social sector remains unwavering.

Earlier this year, as COVID-19 beset communities across the U.S., TCC Group stepped forward with a multi-phase, pro bono support offering for the social sector. TCC’s senior executives held free sounding board conversations this summer to help nonprofits and foundations begin to address the epic challenges they faced at that time.

“TCC Group thoughtfully and knowledgeably guided us to new methods of assessing and quantifying the effectiveness of our work.”—Joel Putnam, Focus Forward Project and TCC Sounding Board Session participant

Diagnostic Tools and Interpretation Assistance for the Social Sector

As the crisis continues, TCC Group is now offering tools and services available free of charge for a limited time.

The five diagnostics available in this offer include well-established tools that have been used—with great success—by thousands of nonprofits and foundations, as well as new assessments being rolled out for the first time.

To receive one of the diagnostic tools, please follow one of the links listed below, where you will be directed to schedule a short intake conversation or enter an offer code. The intake call will provide you with more details about the diagnostic and get you set up to start. Please note that quantities are limited for all diagnostics.

  • Convening Pre-Conditions Diagnostic: As organizations consider how to return following a period of social distancing or how to adapt to a virtual online convening environment, this tool will better equip users to prepare for, frame, and deliver on their convening concept. Available at no charge to the first 20 nonprofits/funders that register here.
  • Values Based-Communications Diagnostic: In times of crisis and recovery, organizations must carefully consider their communications practices. Communications rooted in organizational values can create and reinforce engagement with stakeholders. This tool will help organizations better understand when and how to incorporate values into communications practices and serve as a guide for development of essential values-based communications that advance the organization’s mission. Available at no charge to the first 20 nonprofits/funders that register here.
  • Relational Capacity Diagnostic: Rebounding will require significant collaboration within any ecosystem—this is more challenging than most appreciate, despite the genuine desire to work collectively. This multi-dimensional diagnostic will better enable organizations to emerge from the current crisis to explore underlying obstacles and potential pathways to community collaboration. Available at no charge to the first 50 nonprofits/funders that register here.
  • Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) Diagnostic: Understanding a nonprofit organization’s unique set of strengths and harnessing data to inform organizational capacity planning is crucial to help ensure a sustainable future. The CCAT diagnostic is designed to collect information from key decision-makers in an organization and create prioritized recommendations for operationalizing their recovery. Available at no charge to the first 20 nonprofits that register here using the coupon code “BUILDCAPACITY” at checkout.
  • Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT) Diagnostic: As foundations emerge from initial COVID grantmaking and adaptations and look to a new operating environment, reflecting on and building their own capacity will better prepare them for the future. The FCCAT is a statistically validated tool to strengthen the philanthropic sector by helping foundations assess their institutional capacity strengths and challenges. Available at no charge to the first 20 funders that register here.

If you experience any technical issues or have questions about the diagnostics listed above, please email

The Road Ahead

COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses and rendered many traditional strengths irrelevant. There are many unknowns still ahead of us for which there is no crystal ball. Yet, one thing is clear: The future will be very different from the past. We will not revert to the old ways of living, working, or conducting business once the worst of this crisis has passed. For this reason, we believe we must work together to start framing our future—today.

The current moment affords us an opportunity push toward reinvention, not retreat. We believe our pro bono offer of support is one small way we can help the social sector chart a path forward.

Together we will emerge ready to address challenges and future opportunities to build equitable, safe, and healthy communities for all on the road ahead.

TCC Group was named “One prominent consultancy worth keeping tabs on.”—Inside Philanthropy, May 2020