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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Deepti Sood

Tell us about yourself!

I’ve always worked in learning and evaluation. One aspect of this work that I appreciate is when a client says “we want to figure this out” or “we want to learn more about that…” and I have the opportunity to figure out the best approach to help them. Our partners are trying to do the work of bettering the future and they don’t necessarily have the capacity to collect, think about, and synthesize data. That’s where we come in.

How does your background in advocacy inform your work?

In my opinion, the downfall of the field of evaluation is that we say, we’ve solved the problem, here is your 40-page report. We don’t deliver information in a way that people use information. As the field of evaluation was getting more formalized, [advocacy] broke the model of: you do work, you get an outcome, and then the evaluator measures the outcome.

We’ve been doing work for an early childcare education campaign in Pennsylvania for seven years. For a long time, we were the ones pushing them to talk about, what did you learn last year? What sense can we make of that to inform our decision now? Now I hear them ask themselves these questions.

What other experiences do you find yourself drawing from?

I really appreciate that at TCC, we put together a team with different experience, backgrounds, relationships, and preferences for working. I like coming together to say, “Our team is the four of us, let’s decide here how we want to work together for this unique engagement.” I’ve learned so much over the years from getting to hear different perspectives and that keeps us all more innovative and fresh and serves our clients really well.

What are you working on that you’re really excited about? What is surprising you?

Over the last year I was trained in an Emergent Learning certification program. Traditional evaluation is meant to be: What did you get done? What did you achieve? Emergent learning is more oriented around, where are you? What should be happening?  We took a deep dive into principles, practices, and tools. We explored an Emergent Learning Table–a way to present data around a question. I’ll often ask something like, “what will it take for the foundation to achieve their mission and impact”? Having a protocol in place where data is a part of the equation but we’re actually having this larger discussion is something I’ve been pulling into our work more and more and am seeing great insights emerge.

What do you like to do on Saturdays?

I have a three-year-old. We spend almost every Saturday bopping around from the playground to the cafe. We make something called “the list,” which is where each person in my household gets to think of two or three things they really want to do that day and then we try to work through the list. It’s stuff like, go to the playground, get ice cream, take a nap. It works surprisingly well!

You can learn more about Deepti and her work at TCC Group here.

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