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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Amitis Oskoui

How do you incorporate equity into your work?

To me, social impact is synonymous with advancing equity. I don’t believe we can have a positive impact on society without also ensuring our society reflects the diversity of our communities, and that those communities’ voices are not only included, but that those communities are given the power to determine their futures. I feel like I have a particular responsibility to support decision-makers in finding a path to challenge the status quo – to seek out “choice points*” and ensure their decisions are not only influenced by inclusive and equitable processes — but that they build power and justice for the communities and people they aim to serve. Note: *The “choice points” concept was developed by Race Forward.

What innovative approaches are you bringing to your work?

Processes shape outcomes — and I think my hyper-awareness of this as I work with any clients gives me a clarity of focus that allows me to bring a kind of fluidity and dynamism to these change processes that are really responsive to clients’ — and their organization’s — needs. I focus on building strategies that are grounded and driven toward a clear and aspirational vision, which gives clients both the clarity and structure they need to make decisions, but also gives them the flexibility to adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur.

What do you think TCC Group is doing differently in our relationships with clients?

I think we have an authentic and deep commitment to learning, to partnership, and to driving positive social change in everything we do. There’s a deep curiosity that lives within each and every one of us, and while we build on decades of experience and expertise in this field, we always seek to support our clients by navigating the complexities, nuances, and particularities of their unique contexts and roles. No one client engagement ever looks the same, and we pride ourselves in our ability to go on a deep learning journey with them, and to ensure the people closest to the problems are informing the solutions.

Tell us about a project you’re deeply engaged in right now!

I’m working with an amazing group of BIPOC women leaders at the helm of a powerful organization working to transform the narrative landscape in America — namely, to shift the public imagination toward a pluralist future. They hold a significant role in this field, and in our society more broadly, and our project team has been working to carefully create and curate the spaces needed for these organizational leaders and their staff to come together effectively to draw out an actionable plan to deliver on their bold, aspirational vision for the future.

Above all, this engagement has tested our ability to strike a really important balance — one that creates a space that can provoke transformative thinking, while also holding true to our project goals and yes, a timeline! Our appreciation for the brilliance of our clients and our commitment to designing a process that harnesses that brilliance effectively and efficiently has made this partnership a success so far.

How have you seen your work at TCC Group make an impact?

The times when I’ve been able to clearly see how my work has made an impact have been when I know I’ve helped facilitate a process that has challenged clients to listen deeply to their communities, and to reflect those learnings in the strategies and goals they set for themselves. In my time at TCC, I’ve had the opportunity to move many organizations toward greater clarity around their role and their impact in the world — and the implications of this are many; from being able to better communicate who they are and their impact to the world, to making better decisions around what role they are best positioned to play, and how. These processes have generated outcomes like greater operational efficiency, driving deeper, more focused impact, garnering funding to build strong foundations and capacity, and more.

TCC Group strives to live our values of Quality, Diversity, Collaboration, Learning, Whole Self, and Resourcefulness- which one resonates most with you personally?

The value of learning resonates with me personally because I try to approach all my work with genuine curiosity and openness to new perspectives and new ideas. It’s a critical driver of progress, and is essential for making social change. It’s really important for me to not only bring a learning mindset to how I personally approach my work, but I to try to imbue that value in the processes I design and facilitate, working with clients to embrace learnings from their communities to make critical decisions for their organization’s future.

What does it mean to you to be a part of social change work at this moment?

I view social change through the lens of human interconnectedness, and our moral responsibility as individuals in society to lift one another up. Now (perhaps more than ever before), we’re facing deep fractures and polarization in society at a time when we’re also facing devastating political, economic, social, and environmental threats. I feel grateful to be in a position where I can facilitate any incremental step in the right direction, and at the same time, I feel an intense desire to embolden others to recognize their responsibility and their power to make change, too.

You can learn more about Amitis and her work at TCC Group here.

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