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CASE STUDY: Supporting Organizational Effectiveness Within Movements

Funders supporting movements face a unique set of challenges when trying to support organizations working for the same cause. In their efforts to increase organizational effectiveness, foundations invariably face questions of credibility and control, and sometimes encounter diverging understandings of success. This case study profiles how TCC Group – with…

Insights & Perspectives

4 Steps to Leverage Your Philanthropic Impact with Non-Grantmaking Roles

Increasingly, funders want to take on more catalytic roles within their communities. Creative grantmaking can help them move in this direction. But without realizing the potential of their non-grantmaking activity—convening, advocating, training, or educating—foundations may be leaving significant value on the table. In a recent GrantCraft blog post, TCC's Philanthropy…

Insights & Perspectives

Meeting a Family’s Growing Philanthropic Needs

Over the past 10 years, TCC Group has provided the Ohrstrom Foundation with administrative and grantmaking support and has guided its governance planning, program and operations, and grant assessment. Through our day-to-day management of the foundation, we identify and address emergent issues, drawing on our years of experience working with…

Insights & Perspectives

A New Approach to Capacity Building

TCC's Directors published "Relational Capacity: A New Approach to Capacity Building in Philanthropy" in the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's winter journal. The article outlines a new vision of the relationship between funders and nonprofits, one that is collaborative, mutual and iterative. Today's complex challenges require more effective collaboration within…