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Caitlin Caspersen


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Smart grantmaking, aligned network-building, and intentional shared learning for meaningful impact

“Education is the great equalizer of our time. It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without.”—Kofi Annan

Caitlin is a trained educator and staunch believer that high-quality education for everyone leads to balanced and successful individuals, peaceful and robust communities, and a healthy planet. Though no longer teaching with the Teach for America program, education and learning continue to root her everyday work supporting community giving programs for optimal grant impact.

Today, Caitlin designs, develops, and manages community giving programs and their learning communities that marry smart grant design and grantmaking with strategic connections for collaborative learning, resource sharing, capacity building and training, and coordinated impact. Caitlin knows the importance of designing programs that make the most of the resources available, and in doing so helps clients identify their fit in the social impact space, strategically framing programs that fill gaps while creatively leveraging resources and maximizing giving.

Although her daily work focuses on empowering women and children, eradicating HIV, and finding equity for all people, she knows that she is not the expert. She leaves that to people that do this work every day. Instead, Caitlin facilitates the connections, communications, and collaborations to help relevant stakeholders make informed decisions about giving and programming, develop new initiatives, learn from and teach one another, and lead the way to meaningful social change.

At TCC Group:
  • ascena retail group, inc.: Inspired to work with the family-owned, value-based, fashion-forward team at ascena retail group, Caitlin has spent five years supporting ascena’s Roslyn S. Jaffe Awards. After contributing to the original strategic design of the Awards program, Caitlin has continued to lead the team, working each year to refine awards criteria, manage the review of over 2,500 nominations, and guide the selection committee to honor innovative start-up organizations working to empower women and children in education, health, self-esteem, social reform, and leadership.
  • ViiV Healthcare: Leveraging field research, community surveys, and a youth advisory board, Caitlin made data-driven, community-responsive recommendations to support the creation of a youth mentor program for youth living with HIV as they enter adult care. She was instrumental in developing the program mission and managing the grant submission, review, and selection process. She currently manages networking opportunities for a cohort of six grantees and a learning community consisting of 12 organizations nationwide. As an extension of the mentor program, Caitlin helped establish a conference track focused on amplifying the insights of grantees about the power of mentoring and alliance building to support youth living with HIV. Working to help close gaps in care for people disproportionately affected by HIV across the South, Caitlin manages a learning community of approximately 35 organizations who share best practices, troubleshoot questions, and participate in learning workshops and webinars spanning topics from emotional well-being to competent leadership. Engaged and responsive to her cohort, Caitlin made the case for an intentional rural focus to support organizations reaching people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in the rural South in new and innovative ways. She is the lead grants manager and supports the application review process.
Before TCC Group:
  • New York Public School 143, Queens: Placed as an English as a Second Language teacher with Teach for America, Caitlin learned the importance of data-informed education, eliminating biases, and engaging students at their current level and ability. She worked daily with fifth grade students and their parents to set goals, meet milestones, and achieve academic growth in often challenging situations.
  • Fordham University
    • MA, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Syracuse University
    • BA, Art Photography
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