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Eduardo Medina


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Advancing social impact through innovation and entrepreneurship

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”—John F. Kennedy, Jr.

With his compass set on innovation, Eddy is a Cornell University Dyson Societal Solutions Scholar whose passion to push beyond traditional best practices has already led to advances in localized, crowdsourced investing for small, minority-owned businesses featured on NPR, and a micro-loan social collective investment project showcased in The Atlantic.

Following a brief pause in his undergraduate studies for financial reasons, Eddy took on a directed examination of a social collective investment model that yielded an entrepreneur-in-residence spot at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation.

Eddy applies this entrepreneurial mindset to his day-to-day work, blending risk-taking and creativity with sound concepts. He brings a unique range of perspectives to his community-facing work for a large company’s corporate philanthropy portfolio.

At TCC Group:
  • ViiV Healthcare: Eddy is helping to develop a program to amplify the voices of Latino gay and bisexual men across the United States, working with regional and community stakeholders to inform the program direction and supporting its initial implementation. He has developed and is applying and adapting customized mapping and targeting tools to zoom in on organizations that are most effective in reaching those living with and impacted by HIV.
    Eddy also brings his energy, passion, and innovation lens to the range of support services he provides to several community giving projects and initiatives. Working closely with the grants management team, Eddy supports ongoing diligence and analysis that informs new ideas and opportunities, tailored to the specific goals and needs of each program. Eddy helps to improve program efficiencies, supporting capacity-building efforts through learning communities and expert-led best practice workshops.
Before TCC Group:
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation: Eddy was awarded a position at the Business School to pursue a project examining a social collective investment model. In addition to his own research, he contributed to the advancement of the school’s support of and involvement in social ventures. Eddy helped source funding for MBA social ventures, advised and edited a website on the legal structures of social enterprises, and contributed to the creation of a model to properly allocate scholarship awards to social-impact-focused MBAs.
  • SocialCops: Eddy worked with the New Delhi-based data analytics company to expand its work in the U.S., building on the organization’s work to confront the world’s crucial problems through data intelligence. He solidified B2B partnerships with more than 50 socially responsible companies, foundations, and nonprofits.
  • Cornell University
    • BS, Industrial and Labor Relations & Development Economics
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