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Emily Finkelstein

Grants and Systems Manager, Integrated Initiatives

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Bridging the gap between storytelling and data

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”—Carly Fiorina


In Emily’s work as a systems manager, she streamlines the collection and management of data to serve three objectives: assessing what has been achieved, advancing learning goals, and identifying the next level of work. She brings her expertise in integrating and evaluating systems to her work at TCC, and is always on the lookout for a small variable that can be tweaked to help her team learn more. Her superpower is integrating different systems and applying a conversation to a systemized analysis. 

Emily’s highest priority is championing healthcare as a human right, and she is dedicated to removing barriers facing marginalized groups. She believes in addressing this issue via participatory grant-making, rather than imposing solutions. 

As she completes her graduate degree at NYU, she serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Wagner Review, where she amplifies the voices of diverse student stakeholders- particularly those unaccustomed to being heard. Before coming to TCC, she worked for the New York Department of Education in the Office of School Wellness, where she supported the development of a portal which houses wellness data for 1800 schools. She also helped to organize the first Gender-Sexuality Alliance conference. 

Emily is a seasoned marathon runner who has learned the value of being acutely alert, breathing through challenges, and breaking down goals into smaller, doable segments.  She is also a volunteer for Achilles International, a running group for people living with disabilities.  

  • New York University, New York
    • MPA, Public Policy Specialization (in progress)
  • University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • B.S. Psychology; B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders
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