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Erin Britton

Consultant & Product Manager, Nonprofit Effectiveness

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Getting from data to insight and learning

“There is a general sense in the community that there are certain values which money cannot and does not measure; certain services rendered, of which money is not the impelling cause… And it is tacitly felt and recognized that these services are of great and positive value to the community: that they added to its wealth.”—Louis Sullivan

Erin delivers the transformative experience of providing nonprofits with a clarity, depth, and understanding of their own information to make better decisions and deliver greater impact to their participants.

She skillfully pairs familiarity with driving change in the nonprofit sector and data analysis skills to provide clients with a roadmap of accessible, actionable, and data-driven solutions.

With a strong conviction that data is more than numbers, Erin helps clients build their own organizational capacity to see, capture, and understand information through interactions and conversations with their teams and communities. She provides the structure and framework to demystify data, test and validate assumptions, and broaden perspectives.

At TCC Group:
  • Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT): A certified CCAT facilitator, Erin leverages her expertise and broad-ranging evaluation experience to work closely with clients to deploy large-scale capacity assessments using this industry-leading assessment tool. With the CCAT, she delivers innovative reporting and analysis that provides a nonprofit with increased knowledge and understanding of its current organizational capacity, a clear picture of strengths and opportunities, and a roadmap for change. She also leads the continuous improvement of the CCAT tool to meet changing client needs and ensure optimal capacity assessment services.
  • Deaconess Foundation: Drawing on her experience in operationalizing advocacy and relational capacity concepts, Erin worked in partnership with the Foundation to implement a networked systems approach to align policy agendas and expand the scale and reach of Missouri-area organizations. She conducted readiness assessments of grantees in the network, informed site visits, and designed custom training programs and workshops to build the community capacity to engage in advocacy and policy change.
  • Danville Regional Foundation: Charged by the opportunity to support nonprofits working to revitalize this community, Erin ran the capacity assessment and cohort analysis of nearly a dozen local organizations selected as grantees by the Foundation. She facilitated a rigorous and participatory process to establish a capacity-building theory of change, providing logic and vision to planning efforts to enable local nonprofits to work as a collaborative community; drive education, community development, economic development, health and wellness; and invigorate pride in Danville, Virginia.
Before TCC Group:
  • Heartland Alliance International: Erin designed and was the lead author of an impact evaluation for a three-year USAID-funded youth violence prevention program, including qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and reporting, and focus group implementation for the field team and local partners. She worked with local teams to streamline monitoring systems, including designing SMART indicators, results frameworks, data collection tools, and databases, as well as implemented systems for field teams working in health and youth development.
  • Laboratoria: Working with the organization to critically evaluate its work engaging women in the technology sector across Latin America, Erin designed and built a dynamic monitoring system for tracking performance and impact in a computer science education social enterprise operating in three countries. She conducted a predictive analysis to look at recruitment that helped inform program improvements based on identifying barriers to success. Erin also established the strategy for monitoring and evaluation, including designing data collection tools and protocols, implemented in all regional offices.
  • Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
    • MPA, Economic Development and Management
  • The University of Chicago
    • BA, International Studies and Latin American Studies


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