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Hana Kamal


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Synthesizing data and making meaningful contributions

“I get angry about things, then go on and work.”—Toni Morrison

Hana is committed to raising and centering the collective voice of marginalized communities everywhere. Selected as a 2018 Fellow in NYU Wagner’s Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service, Hana is energized by those who value and lift up the lived experiences of historically underrepresented groups and work towards solutions for meaningful change.

Hana routinely supports the philanthropy team’s customary data collection and analysis work for all strategy and research engagements. She contributes to field interviews and focus groups, conducts desk research, supports landscape analyses, and synthesizes key information from organizational background documents and field reports. For TCC’s foundation management clients, Hana provides first review of grant proposals, conducts financial analysis of organizational and programmatic budgets, and drafts write-ups for Board docket materials. In addition, Hana regularly tracks and assesses the philanthropy team’s numerous client project budgets, monitors staff time, and supports internal team coordination and communication to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

At TCC Group:
  • The Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Resilience Partnership: As Project Analyst, Hana conducted extensive desk research for this global, multi-partner, public/private effort to advance resiliency in developing countries in the face of human and environmental disasters. Hana’s work included researching relevant government agencies and NGOs, reviewing research materials produced by relevant partners, and summarizing and synthesizing key strategic, grantmaking, learning, and evaluation documents produced by key institutional partners. Hana also oversaw all operational and administrative components of this complex, multi-year effort, supporting TCC project efficiency and the timely submission of all project deliverables.
  • Maine Health Access Foundation: Hana was an essential member of the TCC project team’s strategic development work with this regional health equity funder. She supported the facilitation of focus groups and interviews across the state, engaging healthcare providers, policymakers, and community residents, and ensuring that the voices of those least well-served, with the greatest disparities in health access and outcomes, informed the Foundation’s strategy planning. Hana also conducted extensive desk research, reviewing and synthesizing a wealth of Foundation background documents, reports, and program materials. Finally, Hana supported efficient project management, assisting with routine monitoring of the project budget, coordination across the TCC project team, liaising with the client, and ensuring effective administrative operations.
  • Ohrstrom Foundation Inc.: Hana provides ongoing administration and grantmaking support to this multi-generational family foundation with a mission to build strong and healthy families and communities, and to protect cultural and natural resources. In her role, she conducts grant review and due diligence, serving as frontline staff for communications with nonprofit grantees. Hana also helps manage the work of the Foundation’s Next Generation Committee, supporting all governance and grantmaking activities.
Before TCC Group:
  • Fundación Educación para el Empleo (EuropEFE): In collaboration with the Citi Foundation, Hana co-produced a report entitled, “Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Employment in the Middle East and North Africa.” Her research provided in-depth insights on barriers to youth employment and opportunities for job growth across six industries, and allowed EuropEFE to better tailor its vocational training and professional development programming.
  • Human Rights Foundation: Hana made research contributions to the Foundation’s “Global Guides for Your Human Rights,” a series of guiding frameworks for political, social, and economic freedom tailored for and circulated among dissidents across more than 10 of the world’s most repressive countries. She performed an analysis of the political environment and human rights conditions in targeted countries, supporting the organization in the development of new program initiatives to better spread the promotion of human rights.
  • New York University
    • BA, Political Science and Romance Languages (Spanish, French)
  • Fellow, NYU Wagner’s Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service, 2018
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