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Keith R. Green


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Activist, scholar, community mobilizer and high-impact social solutions architect   

“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better.”  ― Georg Lichtenberg 

Keith is a pivotal educator, editor, writer, social worker, activist, and humanitarian dedicated to the development and implementation of community-informed solutions to the various social ills that plague the most marginalized among us. Diagnosed with HIV at the age of 17, he has been involved in treatment advocacy and prevention for nearly two decades. While serving as Associate Editor of Positively Aware magazine, Keith earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work. An award-winning spoken word artist, giving voice to issues that impact black gay men, such as stigma, education, and advocacy, Keith was inducted into the Chicago LGBTQ Hall of Fame in 2012. 

Keith’s training and extensive background as a social work practitioner guide his approach to working with clients. Known for his warm, honest, soulful conviction, he engenders trust within organizations and among people. A founding organizer of the Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus (CBGMC), Keith succeeded in integrating and aligning the goals of the Chicago Department of Public Health with black gay community leaders, recognized as one of the most powerful and enduring public health efforts in the field. Currently serving as Vice Chairman of the CBGMC, he continues to help the group successfully mobilize and empower Black gay men and their allies to reduce new HIV infections among black men who have sex with men in Chicago. As a spoken word artist, Keith was also the creator and star of the Caucus’ “I know. Do you know?” social marketing campaign sponsored by the Chicago Department of Public Health, featuring a hip-hop song and music video.  

Described by his colleagues as a bright mosaic of love, light, and ferocity with rich eclectic experience, Keith views himself simply as a deep observer of human need. Grounded in the principles of social justice and equality, he studies and is influenced by people and the communities in which they live. He sees his work with TCC Group’s social-good-driven partners as an opportunity to bring about the change they want to see. It is through this change he believes that the world will become a stronger, more just society filled with equality, inclusion, and diversity. 

At TCC Group: 

ViiV Healthcare: As the organization’s education and awareness efforts continue to support programming in Baltimore, MD and Jackson, MS, Keith is working in partnership with ViiV to expand its accelerate Initiative nationally through innovative, community-led solutions in new cities including Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. Keith will be in the field listening and learning, understanding the unique dynamics of, and connecting with, communities in need.    

Before TCC Group: 

Loyola University Chicago: Actively teaching classes to master’s and doctoral-level students, Keith’s role as assistant professor at the university’s School of Social Work also enabled opportunities to pursue research on the role of community-based organizations in the antiretroviral-based HIV prevention era as well on the rise of methamphetamine use among Black gay and bisexual men. Findings from his extensive research were incorporated into a “DocuArticle” and a white paper to intentionally make the results and recommendations more accessible to Black gay and bisexual communities in Chicago as well as policymakers and other stakeholders. Known for his ability to translate research into action, Keith worked directly with community stakeholders to shape the findings/recommendations into interventions to be refined and implemented within community-based organizations. 

AIDS Foundation of Chicago: As Director of Federal Affairs, Keith advocated for and monitored the development and implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, with a specific focus on the implications of these legislative feats for increasing access to HIV treatment and prevention services for marginalized populations. His efforts mobilized local community stakeholders in advocacy that not only focused on ensuring that their voices were represented in the design and implementation of national health and HIV policy initiatives, but also in regional efforts including the Illinois African American HIV/AIDS Response Act and subsequent Fund. 

  • University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration 
    • Ph.D., Social Service Administration 
    • M.A., Social Service Administration 
  • University of Wisconsin Madison School of Social Work
    • M.S.W., Social Work 
  • Northeastern Illinois University
    • B.A., Social Work  
 Board Service:
  • Vice Chairman (Present) – Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus 
  • Board Member (Present) – Wieboldt Foundation 
  • Board Member (Past) – Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for Drug Abuse and HIV 
  • Chairman (Past) – Task Force Prevention and Community Services 
Publications and Presentations:

Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2015, January). Integrating Biomedical Prevention Technologies: HIV/AIDS Focused CBOs Finding Their Way. Symposium presentation at the 19th Annual Society for Social Work and Research Conference, New Orleans, LA. 

Green, K. (2014, Nov/Dec). Black, Gifted and Whole. Positively Aware, 26(7), 35-‐36. 

Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2014, November). HIV Prevention in the ACA Era: A CBO Perspective. Symposium presentation at the 142nd Annual American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans, LA. 

Green, K., Moore, L. (2014, November). Inviting In: Sharing From A Place of Power. 2014 Mandate Conference, Washington, DC. 

Green, K., Bouris, A., Pollack, H. (2014, October). A Day in the Life: Integrating Biomedical Prevention Technologies at the CBO Level. 23rd Annual Illinois HIV/STD Conference, Springfield, IL

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