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Luis Sandoval

IT Support Associate

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Bridging the gap between technology and organizational efficiency

Luis believes that technology can play a significant role in helping an organization realize its full potential. Every day, he sees firsthand the positive and negative impact that technology can have on an organization’s ability to achieve its mission and goals. This drives Luis to identify solutions that help overcome challenges and address ongoing needs.

As an experienced IT professional committed to building and supporting solutions that align with operational strategies, Luis has a strong passion for technology and process improvement. His track record of working collaboratively with team members, vendors, and other key stakeholders allows him to bridge the gap between technology and efficiency.

At TCC Group, Luis leverages his background in the nonprofit sector to guide the development of practices and processes that support the firm’s vision and goals. With an analytical approach and steady manner, Luis inspires confidence in his colleagues as they work together toward building both individual and firmwide solutions.

At TCC Group:
  • General technical assistance and training as needed
  • Inventory management and distribution of all IT assets
  • Strategic guidance and support on an ad-hoc basis
  • Ongoing assessment of technology to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Streamlining for improved collaboration and efficiency
Before TCC Group:
  • Synergos Institute: Luis delivered technical and strategic support for the global nonprofit organization, focused on reducing poverty by advancing collaborative solutions between businesses, government, civil society, and communities. During his time at Synergos, Luis managed the internal change process for a comprehensive cloud migration strategy, resulting in more streamlined processes throughout the organization. He also improved the overall efficiency of the Institute’s IT services by enhancing the reliability of its network infrastructure.
  • International Rescue Committee: As a dedicated help desk team member, Luis provided ongoing support for the nonprofit organization, which helps communities recover and rebuild in the aftermath of humanitarian crises. Responding to a base of more than 1,000 global users, Luis provided direct and timely assistance for personnel at all level as the organization underwent significant leadership changes.
  • City University of New York, Bernard M. Baruch College
    • BBA, Computer Information Systems
    • BBA, Operations Management
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