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Priya Dadlani


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Utilizing technologies to create efficiencies and support capacity research

Educated as a journalist, Priya has an intuitive and inquisitive approach to finding and cultivating solutions for administrative efficiencies, while also contributing to capacity research to support nonprofit client strategies.

Her career in the social sector began in college as a Yawkey Scholar where she paired her communications skills with her passion for positive change in the Transformative Culture Project. There she worked with youth living in low-income areas and gained hands-on experience working within a nonprofit organization.

Priya supports the Core Capacity Assessment Tool implementation for the firm and is an accomplished writer and trusted resource for clients and partners who count on her calm and efficient support.

At TCC Group:
  • Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT): Priya is trained in the CCAT and coordinates the Facilitator Community of Practice (FCOP) certification process, which trains local consultants on both CCAT implementation and interpretation. She is an important contributor to continuous CCAT system enhancements, leveraging her keen eye for making data more accessible and sharing her learnings gleaned as help-desk support across a broad range of assessments. Priya is a firmwide resource for information relating to the tool.
  • Wiregrass Foundation: Built to align the expressed needs of their grantees with professional development opportunities to energize and facilitate stronger organizations in the region, Priya supports the Foundation’s CapCONNECT program and is the lead coordinator of the Foundation’s workshops for nonprofits in Dothan, Alabama. She provides content development, event organization, and technical management for these anchor programs throughout the year that provide organizational self-assessment, access to individual coaching, and peer networking opportunities.
  • Healthcare Georgia Foundation: Priya implements the CCAT evaluation required for nonprofits applying for grants through the Empower Health Grant Program. She supports the first review of all grant proposals and supports the Program’s committee evaluation process to determine funding allocations. Priya also helps applicants in their proposal development, helping grantees understand potential synergies with the mission of the Foundation to advance the health of all Georgians.
Before TCC Group:
  • Transformative Culture Project (Previously PressPass TV): Priya was a mentor and educator at the Boston-based nonprofit to educate underserved youth as media creators, spurring employment opportunities and driving community development. Her background in broadcast journalism bolstered her ability to engage kids in learning filmmaking skills, including how to build story ideas, create storyboards, and use technology tools including cameras and editing software. Working for the nonprofit, Priya helped build the journalism curriculum and organizational systems that continue to support the growth of the Project and its impact on the community.
  • Middle East Institute: During her time with the think tank in Washington D.C., Priya produced a short film documenting the experience of female journalists in Syria. Priya’s background in cultural anthropology in the Middle East drove her interest and excitement to tell the compelling story of three female journalists in the region. From the initial interviews and script development to the final technical edit, she was instrumental in shaping this informative and enlightening look at how these women persevered and organized in order to inform a country under siege. Priya maintained content for the Institute’s blog, managed its social media sites, and edited a weekly internal newsletter.
  • Boston University
    • BA, Journalism
    • BS, International Relations with a focus in Cultural Anthropology and the Middle East
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