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Shadiin Garcia, PhD

Senior Philanthropy Affiliate Consultant

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Centering principles of sovereignty, engagement, and collaboration to create conditions for growth

“Power comes from within. It comes from having knowledge, and vision.”—Ingrid Washinawatok

Shadiin partners with foundations and nonprofits to co-construct solutions grounded in equity and local context. With 20-plus years of education experience as a teacher, public-school administrator, researcher, and policy analyst, Shadiin drives impact and inclusivity practices through a wide variety of change strategies.

Shadiin’s current work centers on organizational change, with an eye towards conducting culturally appropriate research, strategic development, and equitable evaluations. She performs analysis and facilitation for funders such as the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, upholding its mission to provide a balanced education to the youth and families least well-served by today’s schools.

A former policy director at the Oregon Chief Education Office, Shadiin has designed numerous community-driven education initiatives, including the passage of three key legislative packages. She also has extensive experience working in Oregon’s indigenous communities, partnering with tribal and urban American Indian/Alaska Native communities in curriculum development, indigenous pedagogical expertise, and decolonizing practices. As the director of Shoreline Consulting, which focuses on achieving equitable outcomes for clients throughout the social sector, Shadiin believes in centering community, sovereignty, and relationships in all her work.

At TCC Group:
  • Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF): Shadiin and the TCC team partner with New England’s largest education funder to develop a wide-ranging, multi-year strategic planning and organizational change process. Informed by her expertise in educational equity and qualitative research methodologies, Shadiin performs analysis, facilitation, and guidance for NMEF to ensure that youth and families least well-served by today’s schools and school systems drive change efforts in partnership with the Foundation.
  • Rose Community Foundation: Shadiin helps to assess the Foundation’s work in the context of the rapid changes unfolding in the Greater Denver community—both in terms of community needs and the funding landscape—and to chart a course rooted in values and regional responsiveness. Applying her analytical expertise in community engagement, equity, and qualitative analysis, Shadiin contributes to a comprehensive strategic planning process that establishes sustainable goals, strategies, and objectives over a five-year time period.
Before TCC Group:
  • Education Northwest: Shadiin leads the implementation of Oregon’s Senate Bill 12: Tribal History Shared History. In partnership with the Oregon Department of Education, Shadiin brings her expertise in Indigenous education, knowledge of curriculum theory, and community engagement to facilitating the convening of the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon that will make up the Essential Understandings of Oregon Indians. She is also developing the creation of the first-ever state-mandated curricular content to accompany the Essential Understandings.
  • University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources: Shadiin conducted a year-long equity assessment to support and foster organizational learning and change in service to equity-centered practices and culture. The work required identification of intentions, goals and outcomes, and a customized assessment process to identify individual and organizational strengths and opportunities for growth, improvement, learning, and change. It resulted in a broad action plan to identify and begin implementing strategies and leverage points for addressing these key areas.
  • The University of Oregon
    • PhD, Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education
    • MA, Educational Leadership
  • Yale University
    • BA, English with a specialization in education
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