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Stephanie Coker

Senior Consultant, Evaluation and Learning

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Meticulous evaluation for sustained impact

Stephanie applies her background in public policy, energy, and agriculture to evaluating organizations seeking to deepen their social impact. With experience conducting sampling, data cleaning and visualization, survey designs, and applied research, Stephanie thinks critically about how organizations can more effectively dedicate resources and maximize their efficiencies to advance the common good. Her evaluation, research, and monitoring work has focused on areas including sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, and organizational ecosystem development.

As a descendant of the Akan tribe in Ghana with a background in political science, Stephanie frames her evaluation approach with the adinkra symbol Sankofa, associated with habitually learning lessons from the past in order to make progress. She applies this lens to her work at TCC Group by studying the positive transformations that organizations make over time and recommending the way forward. Whether performing qualitative and quantitative data analysis, document review, or market research, Stephanie displays a calm and meticulous demeanor that colleagues and partners count on for project implementation and impact.

At TCC Group:
  • Ono Pharma Foundation: Performing various monitoring and evaluation activities for the Ono Pharma Breakthrough Science Initiative Awards Program, Stephanie measures the success and impact of Ono grantees who use the life sciences to improve human health. She uses her experience as a researcher and data analyst to draft interview questionnaires and pinpoint metrics for evidence of impact. As the evaluation moves from the data collection phase to the analysis phase, Stephanie also contributes to the design of accurate, elegant data collection tools and visualizations for the awards program.
Before TCC Group:
  • Tetra Tech: As a member of Tetra Tech’s evaluation team, Stephanie assessed the strength of residential energy efficiency programs and led data visualization activities for the Wisconsin-based engineering services firm. Her work included monitoring and developing surveys, conducting in-depth qualitative interviews with program stakeholders, drafting sampling memos and results reports, and developing custom analytics dashboards, maps, and visualizations. Stephanie built numerous, customized design solutions for clients such as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, which used her data visualizations to display survey results across multiple territories over time.
  • Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development: Drawing on her passion for social and environmental justice, Stephanie worked on the Institute’s multidisciplinary applied research team to conduct environmental analysis and market research for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Rwanda. The research led to the development of new marketing strategies for Rwandan enterprises like Lakeside Fish Farm and Ikirezi Natural Foods, which began applying commercial approaches to maximize the economic and social well-being of their communities.
  • The Cornell Institute for Public Affairs
    • MA, Public Administration
  • Cardinal Stritch University
    • BA, Political Science
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