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Vantreesa Miller

Administrative Assistant, Nonprofit Effectiveness & Philanthropy Services

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Delivering reliable support with passion and intentionality

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”—James Baldwin

As a troubleshooter and first line of defense for TCC Group’s philanthropy-focused staff, Vantreesa imbues colleagues with a sense of calmness and confidence, empowering them to create meaningful change alongside various social sector partners. Whether prioritizing tasks, adhering to deadlines, taking notes or proofing written materials, Vantreesa derives fulfillment from the smooth, efficient workflow she maintains on behalf of internal and external colleagues. She sees her role as crucial to advancing the many social justice causes she advocates for and supports.

Vantreesa’s connection to social change comes from her background in the nonprofit space as well as her ongoing commitment to helping underserved members of her community. During her time at the job skills training organization Year Up, Vantreesa carried out key recruitment strategies that enabled urban young adults to receive the skills and experience they needed to attain professional success. These contributions—along with her support for causes like eliminating school-based discrimination and the advancement of Black-owned businesses—inform her motivation to work with TCC’s partners in fields from across the social sector landscape.

Proactive, inquisitive, and trustworthy, Vantreesa embodies characteristics that help TCC Group continuously learn, improve, and grow.

At TCC Group:
  • Database entry and management
  • Revenue and expense tracking
  • Contract processing
  • Calendar and travel management
  • Note-taking for organizational distribution and learning
  • Presentation assembly and production, including research reports and grant and board docket materials
  • Sales support and prospecting
  • Formatting, proofing, and copyediting written reports and other client deliverables
  • Tracking and due diligence assistance of supported grantees and programs
  • Administrative executive support for operational efficiency
Before TCC Group:
  • EvensonBest: Vantreesa provided a comprehensive range of support services for the New York-based furniture manufacturer, assisting various executives and human resources staff at the firm. Applying her organizational and calendar management skills, Vantreesa scheduled meetings, conference calls, appointments, and car reservations for staff as they guided business leaders through office furnishing decision-making. She also made airline, hotel, and ground transportation arrangements—including the administration of visa and passport requirements—and trained new colleagues upon their hiring.
  • Year Up: A versatile contributor for the skills training nonprofit, Vantreesa performed various administrative, recruitment, marketing, and financial responsibilities during her time at Year Up. Verifying program eligibility for the 135 college-age students who entered the program twice a year, she helped fulfill the organization’s mission to provide urban young adults with the skills and experience they needed to reach their professional aspirations. She also built and maintained relationships with more than 600 partners—including foster care agencies, high school, and community-based organizations—and identified productive recruitment avenues such as job fairs and other in-person convenings. Additional contributions included the development of marketing strategies and outreach resources, financial expense tracking for the Casey Family Partnership fund for students with foster care background, and the measurement of community outreach progress to guide and sustain program success.
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