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Capacity Building

Strengthen organizations for greater impact

Every nonprofit plays a unique role in tackling societal issues—a role determined by discerning and appreciating its assets and opportunities.

To be effective and sustainable, nonprofits must focus on capacity in five key areas: strong leadership; adaptability to organizational, programmatic, and environmental changes; resource management; required systems and skills; and a culture supporting values and norms.

No matter how effective a nonprofit becomes, it can never realize its societal vision alone. Solving complex social problems requires building collaborative muscle with organizations that bring different assets to the table.

We partner with nonprofits to identify and prioritize areas necessary to contribute to accomplishing a collective vision, and we work in relationship with social sector actors to achieve lasting impact.

“The reason we keep coming back to TCC Group? The work speaks for itself. It’s unbiased and very customized. They design their trainings based on the CCAT and each organization’s needs; they don’t push their own agenda.”

Elina Alterman, Program Officer, Kansas Health Foundation

“Through TCC’s guidance, we have been able to demonstrate to our board that our nonprofits are working better, smarter; they’re asking the right questions and finding their own solutions … We’ve also proven to nonprofits through TCC’s structure that we will help them to design a program that works for them.”

Barbara Alford, President, Wiregrass Foundation

Our tailored approach delivers

Initiative Planning & Design

In addition to strengthening individual organizations, we work with funders to design grantee-cohort capacity-building initiatives. Based on an aggregate analysis of all participants’ needs, we support the creation of a comprehensive capacity delivery system through self-assessment with the Core Capacity Assessment Tool. We match grantees’ identified capacity needs with each funder’s available resources and philanthropic priorities. Our process typically involves visually depicting a foundation’s capacity-building goals and assumptions for achieving them through a theory of change and developing a detailed implementation plan through which these goals can be realized.

Program Management

No capacity-building plan is successful unless it can be readily implemented. At TCC Group we provide one-on-one coaching, offer any necessary training, and provide ongoing support. We ensure that you are connected to the experts, facilitators, resources, and supports you need to succeed.

Organizational Development

When a nonprofit or coalition of nonprofits commits to organizational strengthening, this immediately signals change; the ability to manage these shifting sands requires change-management skills. We support organizational change and development in all areas, including governance and board development, strategic direction setting, infrastructure revision, and workflow optimization. We also support the development, recruitment, and retention of staff.

Organizational Assessments

TCC Group relies on data-driven self-assessments, using its Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) to understand each organization’s unique set of strengths and challenges. However, data alone won’t help you prioritize areas in which capacity most urgently needs to be strengthened. By guiding you through a facilitated discussion of your CCAT report, we help you interpret your scores and contextualize them, providing you with valuable insights into your needs across key capacity metrics. We also conduct 360-degree organizational evaluations that include site visits and interviews.

Evaluation Capacity Building

Building a learning culture starts with a mindset shift across your organization. Systems become more adaptive and your organization is continuously informed by direct stakeholder input and field-based advances. We guide your organization through this shift by developing your evaluative skills—increasing your capacity to understand and use formal assessments and remain aware of ongoing environmental influences.

Learning Communities

Learning communities strengthen multiple organizations’  abilities to achieve collective aims, learn from each other, and share capacity-building resources. Members of a learning community may share a similar mission or commitment to supporting a specific geographic region. At TCC Group we convene, nurture, and facilitate and partner with you and your peers to foster collaborative learning across and within nonprofit sectors.

Staffing & Technical Assistance

When there’s more work than you can manage, we serve as a seamless extension of your team. We take on the role of grant manager, evaluation program officer, or coach when you lack necessary staff capacity internally. When requested, we can implement and manage your program, create RFPs, outline plans for grants, design evaluation components for grant management systems, create shared metrics for grant portfolios, or provide one-on-one coaching.

Funder Effectiveness

While we partner with funders to strengthen their grantees’ organizational capacity, we also improve foundations’ effectiveness and assist in developing and refining their strategic initiatives. We often help funders build alliances through the establishment of funder collaboratives to leverage the shared philanthropic goals of others.

Our work with foundations also includes streamlining internal practices, designing successful approaches to evaluation, and identifying assets and addressing challenges to heighten effectiveness. We rely on the Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT) to measure your leadership, adaptability, management, programs, and culture. FCCAT’s guided reflection process supports building organizational and collaborative capacity for sustainable change.