Strategies to Achieve Social Impact
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Working with Nonprofits

Nonprofits are facing greater challenges than ever before: stronger competition for private support, shifting patterns of public funding, and increased demand for services. In addition, there is a greater focus on accountability and demonstrated impact. Many are finding it difficult to maintain financial stability, while achieving maximum benefit for their clients and communities. All are concerned with harnessing staff and board capacity to meet their goals and enhance their organization's effectiveness and accomplishments.

What We Do

TCC Group has a distinguished track record of helping nonprofit organizations navigate today's complex operational and external environment. Our projects range from short workshops on governance to lengthy, multi-year evaluation and strategic planning assignments. Likewise, our clients include nonprofits of all sizes, from small social service agencies to national membership organizations and large international NGOs. Our services include:

  • Strategic and business planning — We work with nonprofits to address short-term needs and achieve long-term goals by developing a vision for the future, identifying the best route for getting there, and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way. We provide needs assessments as well as strategic, business, and program planning.
  • Program evaluation — Our evaluation services inform decision-making and are geared to improve and enhance program development, continuation, and evolution. Our approach recognizes a nonprofit's structure, capacity, and needs and builds on these to ensure a measurement system that meets information priorities.
  • Governance assessment and restructuring — TCC works with nonprofit staff and board members to increase an organization's capacity to provide effective leadership. Our work includes board assessments, structural recommendations, in an effort to improve board-staff relations.
  • Capacity building — We focus on strengthening the core capacities necessary for an organization to function efficiently and ensure its sustainability. We believe that strong nonprofit organizations lead to strong programs and, ultimately, greater impact in the community.
  • Building Strong Nonprofit Networks and Associations — Working from the top-down, TCC Group provides strategy, organizational development, and evaluation services to the network's lead agency to help it better serve its members and constituents. In addition, we work from the bottom-up with an association's chapters, affiliates, and member organizations, offering organizational assessments, strategic and business planning, capacity building, and program evaluation assistance. TCC's consulting, peer exchange, coaching, convening, and online communities build and support the skills and capacities needed to achieve meaningful change.

Contact Julie Simpson, Director of Nonprofit Services, to discuss our experience in this field.

In Practice

TCC Group developed a comprehensive strategic plan for Henry Street Settlement, a social service agency in New York City's Lower East Side. TCC Group facilitated an inclusive process, the first in the agency's 110-year history, that brought together Henry Street's board, staff, volunteers, funders, and other stakeholders to create a focused vision and cohesive approach to the agency's work. TCC was later engaged to help Henry Street manage a change in leadership, developing an updated vision and transition plan for the organization.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) works to protect families and communities from serious health threats and to assure that health promotion, disease prevention, and preventive health services are universally accessible in the US. TCC led a cohort business planning process with 30 of APHA's state and regional affiliates as a part of a multi-year capacity-building grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation received a grant to implement the "Joining Forces for Voice and Accountability" project, a five-year advocacy initiative in 12 countries across Latin America, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. The initiative's objectives are to build the political advocacy skills of member associations and design tailored advocacy strategies based on local political contexts. TCC Group evaluated the advocacy and coalition efforts. By collecting and analyzing data at mid- and end-points of the project, TCC was able to assess the member associations' progress towards pre-established goals.