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“TCC Group’s experience in education, grantmaking, and coalition building—and, importantly, its commitment to social justice—have figured crucially in helping us move toward meaningful change.”

Kasia Malinowska, Director, Global Drug Policy Program, Open Society Foundations

“TCC Group understands the skills and strengths organizations need to be successful. They know that organizations are made up of leaders who need support and encouragement. Working with TCC, we’ve been able to provide dramatically improved services and learning opportunities to the Audubon network.”

David J. Ringer, Chief Network Officer, National Audubon Society

“It’s clear when you work with TCC Group that they are not afraid to speak truth to power. You get real honest feedback—the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Nancy MacPherson, Former Managing Director, Evaluation, The Rockefeller Foundation (2008-17 tenure | Quoted on 6.27.18)

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