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Our Resources

Our team combines integrity, passion, and practical wisdom with deep experience from across the sector to address complex social issues. Explore our resources, where we share new ideas, innovative takeaways, and unique guidance from our values-driven work with funder, nonprofit, and other partners.

Our complex political climate calls for a deeper understanding of the evolving ways public policy and advocacy can leverage change. Read our newest reports and explore our other resources, developed through our partnerships with advocacy and community-building organizations—and their funders— that create maximum impact.

Every philanthropic institution has its own unique set of resources, perspectives, and goals, and each community its own array of assets, needs, and opportunities. Our articles, reports, and more document our creative solutions to complex social problems across institutional types, stages of development, and issue areas.

Effective messaging centers an organization’s values, communicates its vision, and moves people to action.   Our strategic communications resources demonstrate how we join innovative practices with immense experience to understand audiences, engage stakeholders, and change narratives in ways that achieve social impact.

Viewpoints: Read the Latest Issues of our Newsletter

For our first newsletter of 2024, we are taking the opportunity to highlight examples from the past year of how several of our clients have engaged in novel thinking and reimagined traditional approaches to achieving their objectives.

For our year-end newsletter, we are highlighting some of our work, along with our team’s insights and reflections on the evolving field. These featured resources are some that garnered the most attention from the field over the past year and have the greatest potential for making a lasting impact on our sector.

When we talk about “building a learning culture” and identifying “actionable insights,” we mean that evaluation is as much about learning through giving voice to key stakeholders as it is about which strategies have shown the greatest success. Read more about our approaches to the iterative way learning actually takes place.

“TCC Group has been instrumental in developing, administering and managing our scientific awards program, continuously making recommendations for process refinements, developing and managing outreach strategies and communications, and the application and review process—including the facilitation of the selection review meetings, management of award contracts, reports, and payments process``

Tetsuya Sugiyama, PhD, Director, US Foundation Promotion Office, Ono Pharma Foundation

``The level of values alignment, trust, and transparency that I experience working in partnership with TCC Group in unmatched. Our partnership consistently creates space that honors my expertise and intentions, tries to get imaginative within the systems limitations of the work/world, and incorporates a uniquely thoughtful and collaborative human-centered evaluation practice.``

Blair Mikaela Franklin Brooks, Founder, Alight Alchemy Consulting

“TCC Group understands the skills and strengths organizations need to be successful. They know that organizations are made up of leaders who need support and encouragement. Working with TCC, we’ve been able to provide dramatically improved services and learning opportunities to the Audubon network.”

David J. Ringer, Chief Network Officer, National Audubon Society