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We begin with your values and aspirations in designing, implementing, and evolving strategy solutions that reinforce the connection between your mission and lasting impact.

TCC Group partners with social impact philanthropies, corporations, and nonprofits in aligning decision-makers around shared strategic visions. Whether organizations are responding to changing environments, new programmatic priorities, or desire fresh thinking, we co-create responsive, equity-centered strategies. 

We emphasize working closely and iteratively with our partners to collect enough information about your internal strengths and challenges along with the external environment to lead a decision-making process where you will establish clear goals about what your organization wants to achieve. Our rigorous and disciplined work results in strategic approaches designed to incentivize investment, implementation, and future growth.

Our Tailored Approach Delivers:

Organizational Strategic Planning

TCC offers full, advisory-level strategic planning services that result in actionable implementation plans encompassing mission-driven and organizational goals and metrics for success.

Mission, Vision, and Values Evolution

Organizations face ongoing shifts in internal and external conditions that make adaptation critical to achieving success. We reassess the most effective ways you can stay current in a changing world and ensure your social impact strategies meet your evolving needs, engaging organizational leadership to keep your mission, vision, and values relevant and realistic.

Philanthropic Investment and Giving Strategy

We support your efforts to transition program areas, refresh or realign your giving strategies or programmatic portfolios, resolve specific community-based challenges, and embed equity into your systems and everything you do.

Program Strategy, Design & Implementation

TCC Group helps you to assess whether specific funding portfolios, nonprofit or academic program areas, or departmental initiatives are moving the needle toward achieving your goals; and develop strategies to ensure activities stay on track. 

Governance Strategy and Board Development

Whether your Board needs training, retreat facilitation, recruitment and onboarding support, or help redistributing power to ensure you are governing equitably, we work closely with you to optimize Board impact.

Strategic Coaching and Leadership Development

TCC Group provides strategic support to senior organizational leaders and boards through coaching and counseling that delivers the strategic clarity social sector leaders require to address complex societal problems effectively.

Affiliate Alignment Strategy

For organizations, coalitions, and networks relying on an affiliate or chapter model, TCC supports strategy development and implementation that ensures clear lanes of authority, appreciation for unique contributions, and strong commitments to the benefits of coordinated action.

“TCC Group recognized our organization’s unique value in an otherwise crowded space, and worked with the board, leadership, and staff to help us develop a strategic plan and change-management process that honored and enhanced that value, and allowed us to use it as a foundation for growth in other areas.”

Jennifer Jones-Austin, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies

“Thanks to TCC, we are following our plan really well. We’re keeping our eye on it and continually revisiting, adapting as necessary! We are working with our partners in the field differently… instead of simply telling them what our priorities are, we are asking them for their priorities and then setting a plan together. We are also inviting them to the budget table, which has never been done. It doesn’t change the power dynamics without inviting them in. We got this from TCC.”

Mary Beth Powers, CEO, Catholic Medical Missions Board

“TCC Group did an amazing job of allowing people to understand what our organization is about, what we stand for, and where we’re going. Our board members felt a deeper sense of ownership of what the future of the organization was and where we were going beyond a year-to-year basis. That was a game changer for us.”

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, President and CEO, Hadar

“The clarity and candor they’ve provided have been invaluable...but TCC Group has also gotten us to think strategically about how to maximize our capacity and resources—and not allow our enthusiasm to overtake reality.”

Kasia Malinowska, Director, Global Drug Policy Program, Open Society Foundation