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The connective tissue tying mission to impact

Strategy guides and reflects your priorities. It’s the connective tissue that fosters cohesion across all your work. It ties your mission to the impact you aim to achieve.

Sound strategy is grounded in a deep understanding of your core purpose, capacity to achieve change, and collaborative relationships with others. Effective strategy isn’t static; it adapts in real time to shifts in internal and external conditions.

We believe strategy undergirds everything you do. We partner with you to clarify your vision, mission, and values; gather and assess relevant data; learn from diverse perspectives; and align stakeholders to inform strategy, generate buy-in, and build enthusiasm. We support your efforts to integrate strategic thinking and learning across all aspects of your work to achieve maximum impact.

“TCC Group did an amazing job of allowing people to understand what our organization is about, what we stand for, and where we’re going. Our board members felt a deeper sense of ownership of what the future of the organization was and where we were going beyond a year-to-year basis. That was a game changer for us.”

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, President and CEO, Hadar

“The clarity and candor they’ve provided have been invaluable...but TCC Group has also gotten us to think strategically about how to maximize our capacity and resources—and not allow our enthusiasm to overtake reality.”

Kasia Malinowska, Director, Global Drug Policy Program, Open Society Foundation

“TCC Group recognized our organization’s unique value in an otherwise crowded space, and worked with the board, leadership, and staff to help us develop a strategic plan and change-management process that honored and enhanced that value, and allowed us to use it as a foundation for growth in other areas.”

Jennifer Jones-Austin, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies

Our tailored approach delivers

Organizational Strategic Planning

We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs. We co-create the essential elements of an organizational strategic plan by:

  • Clarifying your mission, vision, and values;
  • Articulating your core mission-driven and operational goals with detailed objectives delineating how you achieve these for each area; and
  • Identifying benchmarks for success and timelines for anticipated change to support tracking and assessment and then modifying your approach as needed.

Our characteristic approach is collaborative, immersive, and flexible.

At TCC Group we take the time to get to know your organization deeply—your strengths, successes, and past challenges—through ongoing discussions with your board and staff, connections with key external partners, and careful review of material resources.

Complex social problems cannot be solved in a vacuum, and successful attempts at meaningful change must involve sustained collaboration with others across sectors and issues. To advance your organizational aims, we frequently assess the landscape in which you work, gathering the perspectives of diverse stakeholders including those directly affected by the issues at hand.  We identify barriers as well as opportunities and explore different approaches to change such as direct service, advocacy, organizing, research, and leadership development.

Frequently, we are called upon to support organizations developing implementation plans, staffing scenarios, and evaluation processes to ensure strategic planning efforts are truly actionable and do not merely gather dust on a shelf.

We glean and share opportunities through which you can achieve the greatest impact. Together, we consider all data collected to analyze and synthesize in an iterative way.

Program Strategy, Design & Implementation

Ready to heighten strategic clarity in a specific program area within your institution? In addition to organization-wide strategic planning, we also help clients design and implement strategies for specific initiatives and programs. Programmatic strategy work is similarly grounded in data-driven processes that align strategic action with mission, vision, and values; discern program capacity, strength, and history of impact; assess program landscape; and identify diverse stakeholders and key partners with whom to collaborate to advance shared aims.

Mission, Vision, Values & Goal Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or embarking on a strategic refresh, it can be challenging to gain consensus around your organization’s vision and goals. We have tried-and-true approaches for surfacing diverse stakeholders’ assumptions about your future priorities and turning those into an actionable roadmap, often visualized in a theory of change and/or logic model. By clarifying your core purpose, you’re better positioned to advance the change you seek—in collaboration with others.

Capacity-building Strategy

We work with both funders and nonprofits to increase their effectiveness, impact, and long-term sustainability. Leveraging our proprietary Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) and the Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT), we help you create a tailored, actionable, capacity-building plan which  can be executed and monitored.

Landscape Analysis

It’s essential to understand the gaps, strengths, and needs in your field to determine how your organization can provide distinctive value while aligning with others toward shared aims. We map the field in which you operate, analyzing data and trends to reveal opportunities to move the needle, resource gaps, as well as identify areas of duplication and partnership possibilities.