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Children, Youth & Families

Building healthy communities in which everyone can thrive

TCC’s work on behalf of children, youth, and families spans partnerships with foundations, nonprofits, and companies working across diverse issues, systems, and social sectors.

Designed to ensure equitable access to high-quality resources and programs, these engagements have spanned education, health, community development, and rights-based efforts for specific groups—such as immigrants and refugees, the LGBTQ+ communities, women and girls, and more.

Recognizing the interdependence of the issues and systems that enable or impede equitable access, we help partners clarify their priorities, distinctive assets, and role; and we foster effective partnerships with key stakeholders to achieve shared aims. We have in-depth experience helping clients plan, design, and implement youth- and family-centric programs, as well as evaluate their impact.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of children and families living in low-income communities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We carry out that mission by focusing our resources on the development of resident-driven, comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plans, as well as implementation of the plans. Our work with TCC Group indicated and confirmed our need for measurement—to prove that our approach would, in fact, have real impact on improving the lives of children and families.”

Denise McGregor Armbrister, Executive Director and Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Community Foundation

How We Can Help


Sound strategy is grounded in a deep understanding of your core purpose, capacity to achieve change, and collaborative relationships with others. From diverse perspectives on your work surrounding children, youth, and families, we help you clarify your mission, vision, and values—then we collaboratively chart the course to realize your goals.

Evaluation & Learning

We’re often engaged to evaluate youth- and family-centric work. All our evaluation services take a customized approach—using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods—to harness evaluation and learning for your diverse stakeholders. We provide actionable insights and build internal capacity to carry on learning efforts.

Capacity Building

Along with strong leadership, sound management, effective tools, adaptability, and a values-driven culture, accomplishing your goals takes collaborative muscle. We help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth to determine how you can best partner with others to achieve your shared aims.

Grantmaking & Foundation Management

We work with funders on a wide variety of giving programs. Our experienced staff members design, develop, implement, and manage grantmaking efforts. We help you administer grants efficiently, communicate with grantees and grantseekers, and align your grantmaking with other funder objectives.

Initiative Design & Implementation

Tackling complex issues related to children, youth, and families demands integrated action, informed by deep listening, intentional engagement, critical analysis, and bold approaches. To help you achieve your goals for lasting impact, we design integrated initiatives: strategic endeavors that meaningfully choreograph multiple program components and are responsive to community needs.

Stakeholder Engagement

Relationships are essential for impact. We help you build authentic, expansive, and productive relationships with the stakeholders critical to your youth- and family-centric work. We begin with stakeholder mapping, plan your strategy for engagement, identify the touchpoints for ongoing and fruitful partnership, and bolster feedback loops.

Strategic Communication

At all stages of work—designing a complex initiative, embarking on an organizational change in direction, or creating a suite of materials—strategic communication is essential. We create communication plans that make your voice heard, identifying your messages, messengers, audiences, and channels.


An engaged and effective board helps ensure you’re achieving your mission. We work with youth- and family-focused organizations of all sizes, helping define the role of the board and advising on issues of its composition, structure, tenure, performance, and sustainability.

Theory of Change, Indicators & Measures Development

Surface the hypotheses and assumptions underpinning your work. How will you get from here to your goals? We lay out the steps by which your work will lead to impact. Articulating a Theory of Change and indicators of success are essential to establishing a shared vision for priorities, evaluation, partnerships, and resources.

Landscape Analysis

We have deep experience with organizations that support children, youth, and families. We map the key players, relationships, and trends essential for your unique mission. We collect data and connect you to the perspectives of diverse actors—including those most impacted within the community. We help you find the most effective ways you can make a difference.