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Strategic Communication

Right message, creative approach, crafted for impact

Whether the need is designing a complex initiative, embarking on an organizational change in direction, or creating a suite of educational materials, strategic communication is essential at all stages of social impact work.

We understand the power of words and ideas to build relationships, mobilize people, share knowledge, and advocate for change. We’re good listeners, and we ask the hard questions.

For many of the services we provide, we create complementary communications plans to ensure their success. We also provide strategic communications as a standalone service.

Any communication plan should identify your messages, messengers, audiences, and channels. To make your voice heard, we develop: branding, content, media plans, data collection tools, social media campaigns, and media monitoring programs, all driven by your strategic goals.

“Through their range of projects and programs, TCC not only provides important resources to the field, they challenge conventional approaches with strategic communications that address some of the root causes of the complex issues they address.”

Vignetta Charles, PhD, CEO, ETR

“We revised our mission to appeal not only to those that need help, but also to those from whom we were looking to garner financial support. We helped the community stakeholders understand our impact. And this year, we’ve raised more than we have in any other year in our 10-year history.”

David Duke, Director, Wiregrass 2-1-1

Our tailored approach delivers

Strategic Communication Planning

Working with you and your partners—such as agencies and staff—we begin by designing your strategic communication plan. This step-by-step approach aligns with your communication and social impact goals to:

  • Brand your organization, initiative, or program;
  • Develop your messages;
  • Leverage the right champions and channels; and
  • Amplify stories that show progress and impact.

At TCC Group we design communication plans that include data collection, environmental analysis, stakeholder engagement, insights and perspectives, media and thought leadership opportunities, and media plans. We’re also fluent in social media planning.

Because it’s essential to nearly all social impact work, we integrate stakeholder engagement and communication. We design the touchpoints for all your relevant stakeholders, using the right approach for internal and external stakeholders across many different categories.

We design innovative solutions to deliver your message in the most powerful, audience-appropriate way. For example, we create immersive theater programs, spoken word performances of community stories, conference track planning, and other outside-the-box approaches.

Messaging & Messenger Mapping

Building a message platform for your work is a process of discovery and refinement. We draw out the best ideas, values, and vision that drive your work and organize them into a narrative that can be adapted for multiple communication needs. It’s also an iterative process. Your work and the ecosystems in which you seek to have impact are always changing, so we keep your messages, methods, messengers, and channels current while continuously coming up with new ways to drive impact through communication.

Materials & Content Development

We take a breakthrough approach to your content, designing a complete suite of materials to thoughtfully convey your messages. We’re uniquely capable of developing stand-out print and digital materials such as:

  • Fact sheets
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Social media campaigns
  • Videos
  • Research reports
  • Briefing papers
  • Data visualization
  • Learning materials
  • E-newsletters

Media Outreach & Actualization

At TCC Group we manage trusted relationships with media contacts and take a creative approach to your outreach. We’ll take your message to traditional media, bloggers, social media, and other channels—but only to get you in front of the right audiences.

We fully implement your communication strategy; evaluate your message reach, frequency, and impact; and optimize delivery opportunities.