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Strategic Communication & Narrative Change

A creative, values-driven approach, crafted for impact

Whether you are designing a complex initiative, advocating for change, embarking in a new organizational direction, or creating a suite of educational materials, strategic communication is essential to social impact work.

We know that the stories we tell convey values that can unite us or divide us. We understand the power of words and ideas to build relationships, mobilize people, share knowledge, and propel advocacy. We’re good listeners, and we ask the hard questions.

We offer research-informed, cutting edge/impact-centered communications services that complement new and existing programs, all driven by your strategic goals.

Our Tailored Approach Delivers:

Values-Based Communication Planning

We develop new or refreshed communication strategies driven by shared values that resonate across audiences and maximize the impact of your programmatic work. Together, we identify the values, stories, voices and channels that can drive change internally and externally. You walk away with actionable plans and fresh inspiration to advance your mission.

Narrative Change Strategy & Implementation

We examine the storytelling landscape around your issue and craft a compelling over-arching story that can move the needle by changing norms, conversations, and culture. Your strategic narrative can be articulated through advocacy campaigns, community mobilization, or arts and culture to support immediate and long-term change-making.  

Content and Culture Activations

We design innovative solutions to deliver your message in the most powerful, audience-appropriate way. From immersive theater programs to spoken word performances to print and digital collateral we develop breakthrough activations that make your messages stand out.  

Stakeholder Engagement

We identify, convene, and engage stakeholders at all levels to elevate key voices, build strategic relationships, and inform strategies. Through listening tours, community advisory boards, participatory design, and public and private events, we ensure projects are truly community-driven, giving them lasting impact and developing local champions in the process. 

Audience Research and Analysis

We go beyond polling and surveys to understand what matters most to your audience. Our quantitative and qualitative methods reveal core values and beliefs, trusted messengers, avenues for engagement, and barriers to action—all to help you develop a winning strategy to engage and mobilize core audiences and drive meaningful change. 

Ethical Storytelling

We take a trauma-informed approach to community engagement in order to ethically elevate and amplify the voices of communities most impacted by inequality and injustice. Through ideation, listening, training and production, we help you and your community partners tell dynamic stories that center resilience and hope, humanize issues and leave a lasting imprint. 

Communication and Narrative Evaluation & Learning

Our team uses a range of quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methods to identify unique ways to track and measure the impact of your communications and narrative change efforts. Our insights help steer your strategy toward maximum impact and provide valuable lessons for the field.

“Through their range of projects and programs, TCC not only provides important resources to the field, they challenge conventional approaches with strategic communications that address some of the root causes of the complex issues they address.”

Vignetta Charles, PhD, CEO, ETR

“We revised our mission to appeal not only to those that need help, but also to those from whom we were looking to garner financial support. We helped the community stakeholders understand our impact. And this year, we’ve raised more than we have in any other year in our 10-year history.”

David Duke, Director, Wiregrass 2-1-1