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Initiative Design, Integration & Implementation

Designing, integrating, and implementing community-driven initiatives that build trust, advance equity, and achieve sustained social impact.

TCC Group collaborates with funders and nonprofits to design, integrate, and implement purpose-driven, values-based initiatives intentionally integrated to yield the change you seek. An integrated initiative is a strategic endeavor designed to achieve your goals through the careful choreography of multiple program components for lasting impact. We immerse in your issue areas and ask essential questions to a range of internal and external stakeholders that clarify your goals. We deploy a process of deep listening using imaginative, inclusive, and strategic engagement activities to assess and prioritize needs, goals, resources, and opportunities. The results are sustainable solutions-driven approaches that reflect multiple diverse viewpoints and life experiences, informed by intentional frameworks that guide the work over time. 

Once your initiative is underway, TCC Group provides ongoing management of program components, including grantmaking, learning communities and convenings, arts and culture events, strategic communications, and narrative change campaigns to ensure alignment and optimal impact. Through ongoing listening and evaluation, we help ensure that your initiative is responsive, equitable, and builds the trust necessary for sustaining social impact.

Our Tailored Approach Delivers:


We work with you to align the initiative design to your goals and available resources, to create a theory of change, implementation framework, and preliminary roadmap. We activate innovative stakeholder engagement and community advisory boards to help feed into planning. Strategic communications planning and evaluation often begin at this phase.

Listening Tours

Our listening tours are one mechanism we use to help you authentically engage with stakeholders, gain valuable insights, and inform your decision-making processes for more responsive and impactful actions. We work with you and community advisors to custom-design interdisciplinary methodology and collaborative making meaning processes that center language justice principles. Listening tours can strengthen the foundation for ongoing feedback loops to assist you in effective and inclusive strategy, communication, and evaluation.

Community Engagements and Activations

We offer ongoing management of all aspects of the programs within your initiative, from grantmaking to facilitating learning communities and conceiving and coordinating convenings to managing relationships with community advisory boards and communities of practice. We track results, troubleshoot problems, illuminate opportunities, and maintain a strategic view for optimization, shared learning, and impact.

Strategic Communication and Narrative Change

Strategic communication is baked into everything we do. Often, launching a new initiative calls for communicating with a swath of stakeholders. Particularly for community-responsive initiatives, our clients often invite input and feedback, explain their goals, join the relevant social media conversations, and establish platforms for knowledge sharing. Once your initiative is underway, ongoing strategic communication with partners, grantees, media, internal stakeholders, communities, and the general public is essential for building and maintaining momentum and trust.

We create customized, comprehensive communication plans to propel initiative implementation. We focus on whom you should reach, with what messages, in collaboration with which messengers, at what times, and through which platforms. We develop branding, messages, content, media plans, and timely data collection and analysis, informed by the goals you share with your stakeholders and responsive to emergent opportunities.

Shared Learnings and Convenings

We work with you to craft small- to large-scale convenings to collaboratively learn, share information, and invigorate networks. Convenings are usually limited engagements on a specific theme or topic dependent on your overall goals or theory of change. We co-create and co-facilitate as appropriate, using out-of-the-box approaches that incorporate arts and culture, elevate voices to build power, and center language justice principles. We can partner with you from start to finish, setting shared goals, with an eye toward sharing opportunities that emerged through the convening to propel action.


Community Advisory Boards and Working Groups

We see community advisory boards as a flexible structure to strengthen relationships and co-create solutions that align with your goals and reflect the desires, strengths, aspirations, and needs of communities evolving over time. Working groups can accomplish similar goals, but are typically assembled to accomplish a specific project.

We contribute at any and all stages of the process, identifying and engaging diverse knowledge and experiences to bring unique perspectives and create collective solutions. Community advisory boards and working groups are important in our initiative design, informing and enriching the data collection, making meaning process, grantmaking, programming, and community share-back.


Evaluation & Learning

Throughout the design, integration, and implementation process, we apply our evaluation and learning expertise, building frameworks, theories of change, and community-collaborative evaluative methods. As your initiatives progress, we assess effectiveness based on a customized system tailored to your goals, resources, and evolution. We also work with you to share learnings with the field and apply learnings to strengthen your initiatives.

“The level of values alignment, trust, and transparency that I experience working in partnership with TCC Group in unmatched. Our partnership consistently creates space that honors my expertise and intentions, tries to get imaginative within the systems limitations of the work/world, and incorporates a uniquely thoughtful and collaborative human-centered evaluation practice.”

Blair Mikaela Franklin Brooks, Founder, Alight Alchemy Consulting

“TCC Group brings creative thinking … They bring together people who might have conflicting ideas and lay out a process by which everyone can work together, despite our differences. They inspire innovative program design, animate collaborative implementation, and truly partner in the pursuit of rigorous evaluation for responsive, sustainable community change programs that work.”

Kevin Jones, Founder, must be!

“I trust TCC Group. I feel heard. I feel comfortable bringing up concerns but also having conversations around something that I might have missed. They’ve been great at including a``TCC brought their most important asset to this ground breaking partnership for Risk to Reasons, and that's their lived experience as women. Risk to Reasons isn't a campaign but a Movement that will impact the narrative of HIV prevention for Black women until the epidemic is over.``

Leisha McKinley-Beach, Member, Black Women's Working Group

“TCC Group has been a trusted partner in helping us advance our efforts to elevate the voices and stories of caregiving within AANHPI communities. Through their support in developing the framework for an inclusive and timely RFP, we successfully allocated $500,000 in subgrants to five AANHPI-serving organizations to spearhead narrative change in their local communities and tackle capacity-building needs.”

Mark Misrok, Executive Director, National Working Positive Coalition