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Your mission: making a difference. Our mission: making you stronger.

You’re working for social change, and this means strengthening your organization for the long term. We know your impact and sustainability depend on your ability to work in collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

We immerse ourselves in your organizational culture and environment and build the collaborative muscle you need to effectively engage with potential partners, funders, networks, and coalitions. Together, we’ll embed learning into every program, process, and relationship and customize our approach to fit your needs.

As a trusted partner to national nonprofits, small grassroots groups, coalitions and networks, and global NGOs, we meet you where you are and:

  • Identify and prioritize your unique needs, strengths, and challenges, using tools such as the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT).
  • Surface the assumptions underpinning your work to shape your strategy and more effectively deploy your resources.
  • Clarify your role using our Fit Framework: how you can have the most impact alongside others.
  • Draw insights from the field and those closest to the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Evaluate your programs’ effectiveness to learn and share your work with others.
  • Increase your financial sustainability by increasing the organization’s capacity to support its plan implementation.
We Help Nonprofits
  • Map the field in which you operate, to find potential partners and ways in which you can most distinctively contribute.
“Bringing in third-party experts helps validate not only your beliefs about yourself but also reveals your blind spots and helps you come up with the way forward … If you want to be a learning organization, you need perspective from the outside … TCC was incredibly valuable in providing that.”

Michael Thatcher, President & CEO, Charity Navigator

“What differentiated TCC Group was their very inclusive, highly participatory process, which was implemented in a confidential and safe way for the range of constituents to share their perspectives on the future of our organization.”

Judy Vredenburgh, President & CEO, Girls Inc.

“TCC Group understands the skills and strengths nonprofit organizations need to be successful, from strategy to systems to peer support. And they get the people side – they know that organizations are made up of leaders who need support and encouragement. Working with TCC, we’ve been able to provide dramatically improved services and learning opportunities to the Audubon network.”

David J. Ringer, Chief Network Officer, National Audubon Society

TCC Group has partnered with diverse nonprofits, collaborations, and networks including: