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Grantmaking & Foundation Management

Full-service support for funders

TCC Group manages over $38 million in grants annually. Funders of all sizes tap our experience across a wide variety of giving programs. Our experienced staff members design, develop, implement, and manage grantmaking efforts.

We specialize in meeting the needs of funders with limited or no staff, ensuring effective grantmaking practices. Our flexible approach includes providing comprehensive staffing or time-limited support during high volume periods. By partnering with TCC Group, you can reduce your administrative burden and minimize your operational costs.

Our broad range of skills and services ensures that foundations:

  • Conduct grant administration and management activities efficiently;
  • Communicate in timely ways with grantees and grantseekers;
  • Align grantmaking operations with other foundation objectives.
“We’ve proven to our grantees – through TCC’s structure – that we will help them to design a program that works for them and do it at arm’s length.”

Barbara Alford, President, Wiregrass Foundation

“TCC Group was able to zero in on critical feedback and allow The Rider-Pool Foundation, The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust, and our partners to look at a situation through a common lens. They were effective in helping us identify shortcomings and make adjustments to get important projects on track and moving forward.”

Ron Dendas, Program Officer, The Dorothy Rider Pool Health Care Trust and The Rider-Pool Foundation

Our tailored approach delivers

Grant Program Development

TCC Group develops both tools and processes to ensure successful grant program operations, including:

  • Grant guidance documents and operational blueprints;
  • Application materials, such as letters of interest, requests for proposals, processes for proposal submissions, and various non-traditional tools to ensure access;
  • Due diligence and evaluation processes;
  • Identification of prospective grantees and key stakeholders;
  • Adoption and management of information systems and technology;
  • Development of grant review committees, including roles, responsibilities, structures, and training; and
  • Payment processes.

For established foundations, we are often called upon to review and improve existing tools and processes to enhance grantmaking transparency, clarity, and effectiveness.

Grant Program Implementation & Management

Our experienced staff members ensure responsible implementation of grant programs. Our full range of services includes:

  • Serving as outsourced program officers on a time-limited or long-term basis;
  • Assessing needs in areas of interest;
  • Conducting feasibility studies to understand the potential of a grantmaking program;
  • Managing grantmaking and program budgets;
  • Liaising regularly with grantees and grantseekers; and
  • Benchmarking grantmaking strategies and processes against best practices.

As needed, we also coordinate with your program partners and stakeholders such as lawyers, accountants, capacity-building consultants, event-planning teams, and evaluators.

If you’re bringing implementation of your grant program in-house, we’ll create a blueprint and guide you through it.

Grant Program Evaluation

Funders often engage us to conduct a “point-in-time” evaluation on the impact of their programs in relation to their goals.

Grantmakers also partner with us to evaluate their grantees, specific grantee projects, or cohorts of grantees. An effective assessment during or following a grant measures outcomes that may inform future grantmaking decisions.

We believe insights gleaned from evaluations must benefit both you and your grantees. We also help you build evaluation systems and foster a culture of learning for continuous improvement and stronger partnerships.

Foundation Management

We provide grants management and administrative support so that you can ensure responsible, efficient, and effective grantmaking services while reducing your administrative burden and minimizing your operational costs, even if you have limited or no staff. We also ensure that you have adequate capacity at high volume times of the year, such as during grant cycles. In this role, we also facilitate board governance and operations, including grantmaking, finance, stakeholder relations, and general administration.

Grantmaking Strategy

In addition to grant management services, we also help funders develop, assess, and refine their grantmaking strategy. We advise program strategy development and facilitate institutional strategic planning that is aligned with your mission, vision, and values. For strategy to be effective, it must be informed by your assessment of institutional priorities, values, capacities, and collaborative opportunities. We help you engage key stakeholders – including groups most impacted, set goals, choose areas of concentration, convene stakeholders, and develop a grantmaking budget.

All of our grantmaking strategy design is grounded in research and the assessment of your vision, resources, capacity, and stakeholder relationships and needs. We help you develop all aspects of your grant programs, from articulating a theory of change to designing your application process and grant selection criteria.