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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Maritza Guzmán

In your view, what is the value of creating space to bring people together around a shared objective?  Collaboration and learning are essential for me, both professionally and personally. None of us can do this work alone—especially when we’re trying to achieve lasting social impact. I am energized by creating…

Our Team

Lia Manoukian

Lia is passionate about blending creative and operational expertise to advance a more just and equitable society. As a member of the marketing, communications, and business development team, Lia provides essential updates and information internally to staff and teams, and externally with clients and other key stakeholders in the social…

Our Team

Rebecca McPettit

Shaping systems and building bridges to enhance outcomes in philanthropy “The purpose of a system is what it does.”-Stafford Beer, British theorist, consultant, and professor at the Manchester Business School Rebecca is a multifaceted philanthropy professional who thrives on driving impact by aligning people, process, and purpose. As part of…

Our Team

Jessi Longe

Creating inclusive spaces that foster connection and collaboration Jessi Longe is an administrative professional focused on building systems and structures that unleash people’s full potential and cultivate intentional community. As the initial point of contact at TCC Group, Jessi creates a welcoming atmosphere that promotes trust, dialogue, and authentic self-expression. Initially…


Grantee Capacity-Building Practice at the Walton Family Foundation

Review and Recommendations for Accelerating Impact As part of the Walton Family Foundation’s 2025 Strategy, the intentional building of grantee partners’ capacity emerged as a common practice across all the foundation’s programs and departments. As grantmaking from the 2025 Strategy has grown and matured—including the foundation’s grants to build its…

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