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Stakeholder Engagement

Quality partnerships, conscious inclusion, relational trust

Complex social problems are solved by people—listening to people for deeper understanding; bringing people together; consciously considering various perspectives; and inspiring each other to join in change-making work.

That’s why relationships are essential for making a real impact. At TCC Group we help you build authentic, expansive, and productive relationships with the stakeholders critical to your work.

To design a comprehensive engagement plan we:

  • Begin with stakeholder mapping, working with you to identify and prioritize the relevant actors in your space—both internal and external;
  • Plan your strategy for fostering relationships with those stakeholders;
  • Identify the triggers, touchpoints, and structure for ongoing and fruitful partnerships; and
  • Bolster formal and informal feedback to focus further action.
“A lot of traditional funding dollars come with specific mandates: You have to reach certain goals and objectives and stick to them. One of the great things about the work we do with TCC is that their focus is: We’re here to listen, adjust, and adapt.”

Debbie Rock, Executive Director and CEO, LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc.

“TCC was a partner both to me and to the community—straddling all of the various stakeholders, particularly artfully… providing clarity and engendering trust. That really sets TCC apart.”

Vignetta Charles, PhD, CEO, ETR

“I have multiple years of working in research, intervention development, and evaluation studies. One of the things I’ve been impressed with from TCC Group is in their use of technology to get at some of the best ways to engage populations, particularly around sharing research results.”

Kevin Jones, Senior Associate, Morino Ventures, LLC

Our tailored approach delivers

Stakeholder Mapping

At the beginning of a stakeholder engagement strategy, we work with you to:

  • Clearly understand the range of stakeholders in your ecosystem and map them across various categories;
  • Root all engagement in those closest to the issue for which you are seeking solutions;
  • Identify the trusted anchors in each of those categories; and
  • Structure your engagement and prioritize levels of collaboration based on shared goals and resources.

The stakeholders you seek to engage vary, roles and relevance change, and relationships evolve over time.

Stakeholders are any person, organization, or institution that is affected by or influential in your issue space. They may be nonprofits, companies, foundations, government bodies, activists, researchers, churches, opinion leaders, advocates, YouTube stars, subject matter experts, media, and others.

Both internal and external stakeholders are important. They may be board members, employees, vendors, or end users. Many companies identify their stakeholders through a materiality assessment, and we incorporate such an assessment into our work.

A truly useful stakeholder map reveals the unique circuitry of your issue space, and what sparks, shapes, and sustains change within it.

We co-create a living, user-friendly database of your stakeholder relationships, based on your priorities and integrated with your existing systems. We develop a deep understanding of the organizations, individuals, and complex dynamics in your space by staying connected and current.

Engagement Planning & Design

Our stakeholder engagement services range from strategy to relationship management to evaluation of your impact. Every step is important. We guide you to thoughtfully engage with the right people at the right time, building trust, deepening understanding, and developing collaborations and partnerships.

As part of this strategy process, we plan issues-driven programs and convenings including listening and talk-back sessions, focus groups, learning communities, and innovation programs. We are fluent in designing face-to-face as well as virtual experiences such as surveys, town halls, and community workshops.

In designing these programs, we provide strategic communication, logistical planning, and monitoring. We also support you in critical analysis of your engagements to shape future programs and apply learnings for impact.

You have many important stakeholders. Prioritization is essential if your relationship-building is to gain momentum. While some will require higher-touch engagement, we work with you to design the most efficient approach for you to listen to a broad range of voices and analyze and synthesize collaboratively.

Relationship & Partnership Management

At TCC Group we help build alliances between you and key partners. Trust is essential to these relationships. We earn your trust and that of your partners, and build trust to support and propel your work together.

In our role as a liaison, we build and maintain the essential relationships for maximizing your impact. We specialize in:

  • Establishing and building meaningful alliances that generate trust between funders, grantees, those closest to the issues, and other key stakeholders;
  • Assembling and activating advisory boards;
  • Identifying and engaging collaboration partners;
  • Nurturing and optimizing mutually-beneficial, mission-aligned partnerships.

Moreover, whether you already have a stakeholder database, a fully cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, or a stack of business cards, we’ll meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be. We’ll implement a relationship management system for you, take your current system to the next level, and help you put it to better use.

Community Activation

Across many of our services, we offer communities the tools to strengthen their collaborative efforts. By co-creating capacity building services, facilitating engagement opportunities, and enhancing shared learning across sectors and/or communities, we help you, your partners, and peers deepen your collective impact.