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TCC Group’s CCAT®

Strengthen your nonprofit.

TCC Group’s Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) is the premier organizational assessment tool nonprofits use to become resilient and sustainable, and to determine how to deliver programs and services most effectively.

Capacity building is about increasing your nonprofit’s ability to achieve its mission both now and in the future as the world changes. The CCAT helps you appreciate areas of organizational strength and challenge, enabling you to target where to invest first for maximum benefit.

Each assessment includes a custom results report and consultation by a TCC-certified expert to help nonprofits understand and contextualize the data, identify priorities, and turn assessment results into an action plan.


The CCAT allows you to easily, quickly, affordably, and confidently identify critical focus areas to increase your organization’s effectiveness.

While a custom organizational capacity audit may take months to complete, the CCAT allows your leadership team to identify an action plan within weeks. Plus, you will have confidence in the CCAT’s tested and validated methodology, based in TCC Group’s decades of experience and research into what makes nonprofits effective. You can also benchmark your results against those of similar organizations from our database of thousands.

Because of TCC Group and the CCAT, over the last 3 years, we have moved forward toward a more sustainable and successful organization.

Utilizing interpretation sessions and coaching with TCC, the Dan River Basin Association saw enormous improvement in several areas of capacity including board and staff alignment around key priorities, and development of a strategic plan to strengthen the organization’s communications, marketing, and fundraising.

—Dan River Basin Association


The CCAT is a comprehensive assessment of your organization. Our survey collects real, unbiased input from staff and board leaders to assess your organization across 36 key measures. These statistically-validated measures are drawn from an evidence-based understanding of how nonprofits most effectively deliver on their missions. The CCAT results report is designed to open a window to your complex organization and prioritize the most critical areas to focus on right now. It gives staff and Board members a common language to discuss organizational challenges and assets. The outcome is a clear plan of where to spend your time and money strengthening the capacities needed for your nonprofit to make the most impact.

Designed for and with nonprofit leaders, the CCAT puts nonprofits at the center of their own data to drive strategic decision making. Learn more about how the CCAT works.


The CCAT is not just about the numbers. When you take the CCAT, our staff will support you every step of the way. Our Help Desk is available to assist you with any questions you might have during the process. Your CCAT Interpretation Session provides expert guidance to contextualize your results and facilitate a robust conversation with your staff and Board leaders. After completing the CCAT, you will have access to curated resources to help guide you in implementing your capacity building plan.

TCC Group offers CCAT Interpretation Sessions with our consulting team and through our national and international network of certified facilitators.

By taking the CCAT, you join a community of over 7,000 nonprofits on a capacity building journey to strengthen your nonprofit. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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