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Beeta Jahedi

Implementing strategies to accelerate impact through collaboration “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”- Dalai Lama XIV Beeta excels at implementing positive change for clients and challenging traditional philanthropic structures to maximize organizational impact as she strives to continually shift power back to historically marginalized communities. At TCC Group, Beeta’s…

Insights & Perspectives

Implementing a Localized Evaluation & Learning Framework

“You have little power over what’s not yours” – Zimbabwean proverb  As evaluators we’re often brought in to assess the success of programs that are implemented in vastly different cultural contexts. So, to ensure that our evaluation is relevant, effective, and useful – how do we integrate the individuals closest…

Insights & Perspectives

Letting Communities Lead: How National Funders Can Advance Equity by Partnering with Local and Regional Foundations

National funders have long sought ways to make positive social change happen in local communities. However, for some of these funders, place-based philanthropy encompasses pre-determined strategies, directive relationships with community “partners,” and strict accountability measures allowing little or no space to accommodate the particularities of local contexts. The all too…

Insights & Perspectives

Re-Evaluating Leadership Development Evaluation

The following article was originally published in Stanford Social Innovation Review as part of their “Recognizing Leadership in All Its Forms” series. To read the article in its entirety visit SSIR with your subscription information or download a PDF. The social sector generally considers leadership development a good investment, especially when it comes…

Insights & Perspectives

Join Our Corporate M&E Community of Practice

Calling all Corporate Social Good Evaluators!  Are you or someone you know responsible for measurement or evaluation in a corporate social good setting- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), etc.? This is an invitation to join a thriving community of practitioners to share ideas, address challenges, and advance…

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