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Find a Certified CCAT Facilitator in Your Area

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Find a Certified CCAT Facilitator in Your Area

Certified Facilitators by Location United States     Canada      Australia UNITED STATES West Coast California Coachman-Moore and Associates Valerie Coachman-Moore, Jim Rhyne,   Inland Empire Community Collaborative Megan Meadors, Susan Gomez, David McCoy, Nancy Stingley,   Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. Kelly Marschall, Lisa Watson,   United Way … Continued

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TCC Group values diversity of all types including but not limited to diversity of age, ethnic background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status (current and of origin), race, and religion. We also value diversity in outlook and career experience. We do so because we believe that individuals should be valued for who they are … Continued

A Statement of Values to Guide Philanthropic Collaboration

For the past two years, a number of the leading organizations supporting and facilitating nonprofit and philanthropic collaborations have been coming together to share experiences and perspectives. Called the Collaboration Champions, this group has collectively published dozens of papers on the topic and worked with hundreds of different collaborations. Through work together, the Collaborative Champions realized that there are some ethical principles, or values, held common in the approach to building and supporting successful collaborations. They articulate those principles here.

How do organizations use the CCAT?

Determining strengths and identifying opportunities Built on decades of experience and research in capacity building, the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) measures a nonprofit’s effectiveness in relation to four core capacities – leadership, adaptability, management, and technical capacity – as well as organizational culture. The CCAT is intended to help a nonprofit organization determine its … Continued

Using an Ecosystem Approach to Define Nonprofit Strategy

You’ve been hearing about the “external environment” “ecosystem” “collaboration” “collective impact” and “hubs, spoke, nodes, etc.” a lot lately. Have you been wondering how all these concepts should influence your organization’s strategic priorities? So have we.

Our 9 Types of Evaluation Work – Which are Useful to You?

What are we talking about when we say “evaluation”? How do you know what type of evaluation your organization needs? It’s start off with identifying what key question(s) you are trying to answer. Take a look at the nine types of evaluation work we do at TCC Group – aligned with key questions – to help you determine which type of evaluation is right for your organization.

FAQs: Foundation Core Capacity Assessment Tool (FCCAT)

WHAT IS THE HISTORY BEHIND THE FCCAT? For many years, the social sector has witnessed an increase in the attention paid to nonprofit and grantee capacity, but comparatively little formal and field-wide examination of the kinds of institutional capacity needed by foundations to deliver on their missions. There have been important efforts, such as getting … Continued

Why Doing Good is Good Business

TCC Group’s CEO, Richard Mittenthal, is featured in the current edition of Profile Magazine, a publication that “identifies and promotes innovation in prominent American industries.”