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Purchasing the CCAT®

Individual nonprofits, funders, and management support organizations can purchase CCAT surveys and interpretation sessions for up to 9 organizations online.

If you are interested in purchasing the CCAT for 10 or more organizations, or if you would like to discuss creating a tailored program of capacity building services for your organization, please email our Help Desk at

Purchasing individual CCATS

Purchase of one CCAT includes a final report based on responses from an unlimited number of respondents within a single organization. The CCAT report includes information on interpreting the results, as well as scores for each capacity area, and recommendations for building your organizational capacity. It also classifies the organization into a particular lifecycle stage and generates a capacity-building plan with prioritized recommendations to assist your organization in moving forward. Organizations may also download their report with a comparison to organizations of similar budget size, service sector, and/or type of programming.

This option is ideal for nonprofit organizations who will be receiving CCAT interpretation services from certified CCAT facilitators, or for certified facilitators to purchase on behalf of nonprofits.

Purchasing CCAT interpretation sessions

CCAT interpretation sessions, led by a skilled TCC Group consultant, analyze and contextualize results, and help organizations prioritize needs and create a targeted capacity building plan. Nonprofits or funders who schedule a CCAT interpretation session will receive access to the CCAT survey free-of-charge, which includes the CCAT final report. Interpretation Sessions are offered in both 60-minute and 90-minute sessions, depending on your organization’s goals.

This option is ideal for nonprofit organizations that are looking to move beyond assessing capacity to create an action plan for building core capacities.

Purchasing CCATS for grantee cohorts

Funders, foundations, MSOs, and groups of nonprofits can purchase the CCAT and interpretation sessions for cohorts of organizations. In addition to offering the CCAT assessment and interpretation sessions for grantees or partner agencies, TCC Group offers a variety of cohort-level services to help funders and foundations better understand the capacity building needs of their grantees.

If you are interested in exploring what capacity building services are right for your cohort of nonprofits, please contact the CCAT Help Desk at We are happy to work with you to build a suite of CCAT services that best meets your organization’s needs and resources.

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