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What is a CCAT® Interpretation Session?

Assessment with interpretation is essential to action and real change.

Once your nonprofit has assessed its capacity, how can your leadership move from assessment to action? At TCC Group, we believe that data alone does not help a nonprofit build its capacity. The CCAT’s strength is amplified by an interpretation session, where a neutral third-party facilitator can help contextualize the CCAT report and explore what it means to each organization.

CCAT interpretation sessions include a facilitated conversation with all who have taken the CCAT, led by a skilled TCC consultant. During this conversation, your survey results are analyzed, interpreted, and discussed with your organization’s leadership so that you may gain valuable insight into the needs of your organization across key capacity metrics.

Interpretation sessions can be provided as one-on-one sessions with the leadership of a nonprofit, or can be conducted with groups of nonprofits or grantee cohorts that exhibit similar levels of assessed capacity.


“The CCAT was transformational for our complex organization. Though we’ve been in business for 30 years, we didn’t have a good way to fully assess our capacity needs. This process, developed by the TCC Group, gave us the language and structure to dig deep into our infrastructure to pin-point vital opportunities for advancement. Our Board of Directors is very pleased. I encourage other groups to take advantage of this great tool!”
– Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

“Our organization has just touched the surface of the CCAT and I can already see the value of the process, the work and the initial discussions. The survey portion of the process got me thinking about systems, staffing and programs. Reading the results started me in the questioning phase. I saw our organization clearly reflected in the language but wanted to know more. Having an interpretation session helped to answer questions and at the same time raised more questions. I see a roadmap being created with our input and our voices and I look forward to the journey.”
– Girls Inc of Holyoke, MA

Purchasing Interpretation Services

Individual nonprofits, funders, and management support organizations can purchase CCAT surveys and interpretation sessions for up to 9 organizations online.

If you are interested in purchasing the CCAT for 10 or more organizations, or if you would like to discuss creating a tailored program of capacity building services for your organization, please email our Help Desk at Your email will be answered within one business day of receipt.

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