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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Amitis Oskoui

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Spotlight on TCC Group Changemakers: Amitis Oskoui

How do you incorporate equity into your work? To me, social impact is synonymous with advancing equity. I don’t believe we can have a positive impact on society without also ensuring our society reflects the diversity of our communities, and that those communities’ voices are not only included, but that those communities are given the … Continued

Join Our Corporate M&E Community of Practice

Calling all Corporate Social Good Evaluators!  Are you or someone you know responsible for measurement or evaluation in a corporate social good setting- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), etc.? This is an invitation to join a thriving community of practitioners to share ideas, address challenges, and advance effectiveness.   Measurement and evaluation (M&E) … Continued

Funding Health Advocacy in Turbulent Times: Three Practices to Adopt

Introduction Effective health advocacy is not an easy endeavor, but when executed correctly, the results can be game-changing. Health advocates, whether operating through organizations, coalitions, campaigns, or movements, are accustomed to spending long periods of time with no outwardly visible activity or tangible progress, followed by an immediate sense of urgency and action to seize … Continued

Offering the CCAT to Your Grantees

Strengthen and support your nonprofit partners. Through TCC’s guidance, we have been able to demonstrate to our Board that our nonprofits are working better, smarter; they’re asking the right questions and finding their own solutions… We’ve also proven to nonprofits through TCC’s structure that we will help them to design a program that works for … Continued

CCAT Facilitator Certification Program

Want to add expert interpretation of TCC Group’s CCAT to your consulting toolkit? TCC Group has trained hundreds of nonprofit consultants around the world in using the CCAT to lead change in organizations. Certified CCAT Facilitators provide expert guidance to nonprofit leaders to translate assessment results into meaningful organizational improvement. Register today for our next … Continued

How Does the CCAT Work?

Built on decades of experience and research in capacity building, the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) measures a nonprofit’s effectiveness in four key ways.

Behind the Scenes of Our Brand Refresh

Why the Brand Refresh? We want our current and future clients and partners to have a clear understanding of the firm’s distinct strengths. After many years of growth, we knew that TCC’s great work, substantive experience, and firm character could be better communicated. What is Changing with TCC’s Work? Building on our longstanding reputation as … Continued

What makes the CCAT unique?

The CCAT is a unique type of capacity assessment tool that forms an integral part of the capacity building services offered by TCC Group. Our core capacity assessment model was developed over decades of research and evaluation of capacity building initiatives in the non-profit sector. In addition to your organization’s capacity scores, the CCAT determines … Continued

What is a CCAT Interpretation Session?

Assessment with interpretation is essential to action and real change. Once your nonprofit has assessed its capacity, how can your leadership move from assessment to action? At TCC Group, we believe that data alone does not help a nonprofit build its capacity. The CCAT’s strength is amplified by an interpretation session, where a neutral third-party … Continued

Purchasing the <i>CCAT</i><sup>®</sup>

Individual nonprofits, funders, and management support organizations can purchase CCAT surveys and interpretation sessions for up to 9 organizations online. If you are interested in purchasing the CCAT for 10 or more organizations, or if you would like to discuss creating a tailored program of capacity building services for your organization, please email our Help … Continued