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Behind the Scenes of Our Brand Refresh

Why the Brand Refresh?

We want our current and future clients and partners to have a clear understanding of the firm’s distinct strengths. After many years of growth, we knew that TCC’s great work, substantive experience, and firm character could be better communicated.

What is Changing with TCC’s Work?

Building on our longstanding reputation as an experienced social impact consulting firm, we are changing how we present ourselves to the world to better convey how we collaborate with leaders to solve complex problems. This new view reflects how TCC has evolved to address the changing needs of our clients and partners in response to our rapidly changing world. We continue to refine and develop our services over time, building on our hallmarks as an adaptive, reflective, dynamic organization committed to continuous learning and sharing with the field.

What’s the Meaning Behind the New Logo?

Our new logo is intended to serve as a unifying symbol of our dynamic, adaptive work-style; our insightful, collaborative approach; and the practical, actionable application of our work.

The crescent shapes in the swirl of the “O” carry many meanings – including, but not limited to, the dynamic perspectives of our clients, partners, and staff; the collaborative lens through which we approach our work; the layers of complexity the social sector faces; as well as the teamwork and depth of experience we bring to work every day.

What Are the Highlights of the New Website?

The list is long, but we’ll do our best to highlight only a few.

The new site is designed to function as a valuable online resource to share insights, thought leadership, and what TCC has learned through the work with our clients and partners. Our hope is that we can enable you to become more knowledgeable and successful in the ways that you achieve social impact. Highly resourceful and shareable thought leadership tools featured on the new website include:

  • Impact Stories – Learn how we collaborate with leaders to propel positive social change.
  • Resource Library – Browse our practical resources and tools that can help your organization achieve meaningful social change.
  • Insights & Perspectives – Explore our latest thinking and experiences related to the social sector.

Anything else?

Yes! We highly value our exceptional staff. In addition to showcasing their talents, skills, and experience through their dynamic bios, we’ve also launched a staff Twitter handle – with a different staff member “taking over” the account each week – allowing you to learn more about them. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow them at @TCCstaff.

What’s Next for TCC?

If you’ve ever participated in a brand refresh, you appreciate the tremendous amount of time and energy that goes into making it a reality. We’re excited about the change and looking forward to our continued growth moving forward. We will have some additional announcements in the new year, so be sure to stay engaged by signing up for our quarterly newsletter and following us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

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