Why Democratic Grantmaking Cuts Across Party Lines

NCRP’s recent report Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Communities highlights the important legacy of family foundations supporting social justice – as well as the relatively scant family philanthropy support for social justice work today. The report rightly points out that the perception that social justice philanthropy is a “political third rail” is the greatest barrier that keeps family foundations from engaging in it. I have heard dozens of family foundation trustees say that, while they personally are interested in increasing their family foundation’s social justice support, they “can’t go there” with the family board. It’s too “political” and “divisive.” They’d “be opening a can of worms.”

TCC’s Ashley Blanchard shares how the Hill-Snowden Foundation, for which she serves as a trustee, has made lasting impact in social justice philanthropy by seeing the work firsthand.

Read “Why Democratic Grantmaking Cuts Across Party Lines” on NCRP’s blog >

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Ashley Blanchard

Ashley Blanchard

Associate Director of Philanthropy

Ashley Blanchard, Associate Director of Philanthropy, joined TCC Group in 2004. Her focus at the firm is strategic planning for foundations, and her clients have ranged from large institutional foundations to community foundations to smaller family foundations. She also provides ongoing management assistance to several family foundations, and works with both nonprofit and foundation clients on governance matters. In addition to her role at TCC, Blanchard is on the board of the Ms. Foundation for Women, founding co-chair of the Council on Foundation’s Next Generation Advisory Task Force, and a trustee of the Hill-Snowdon Foundation. Blanchard is the former board chair and a fourth-generation family member.