Strategies to Achieve Social Impact
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Corporate Citizenship

In today's competitive environment, internal and external stakeholders are looking for companies to play a leading role in addressing certain societal issues. Corporate citizenship professionals are now expected to help their company develop a holistic, integrated approach that achieves social and business impacts and meets stakeholder expectations. However, many companies provide limited staffing and resources necessary to build an effective corporate citizenship strategy and approach.

How TCC Can Help

TCC Group provides strategic solutions for corporate citizenship professionals who seek to align and advance their company’s business goals while meeting pressing community needs. With years of experience in the corporate citizenship and community involvement sector, our consultants have strong backgrounds in planning, implementing, and evaluating initiatives for companies in a range of industries. TCC's core services include:

  • Strategy — TCC offers strategic expertise in the development of a company’s overarching corporate citizenship strategy, as well as in the development of individual programs (e.g., signature programs; regional and national initiatives).
  • Program Management and Implementation — TCC provides services that range from a transitional role at the launch of a program to longer-term program management..
  • Evaluation — TCC helps companies develop effective evaluation frameworks to define, clarify, and measure the social benefits of corporate citizenship programs.

TCC’s services also include advice and guidance on the core elements of an effective approach, including:

  • Developing the appropriate internal, integrated global structure
  • Creating or refining employee engagement programs
  • Developing and assessing partnerships
  • Assessing program management systems
  • Strengthening stakeholder engagement approaches

Contact Tom Knowlton, Partner and Director of Corporate Services, to share your company’s needs and learn more about TCC’s experience in this field.

In Practice

TCC Group worked with Blue Shield of California on the development of their corporate citizenship strategy. This engagement involved ensuring that several related efforts focusing on company branding and communications, service development, and targeted community initiatives were aligned and developed in concert with the corporate citizenship framework, goals and program strategies. TCC also assisted Blue Shield with the strategic development of their employee engagement program called Shield Cares.

ViiV Healthcare delivers advanced HIV/AIDS treatments and partners with over one hundred AIDS Service Organizations across the United States, especially in the deep South, to combat HIV/AIDS. TCC has worked with ViiV since its inception in 2009 and has led the design and implementation of its signature HIV/AIDS program in the United States: the Positive Action Southern Initiative. This initiative continues to evolve as it works with a Network of 30 ASOs in the deep South to help combat stigma, discrimination, and the epidemic – particularly amongst the most vulnerable populations – through network building, ongoing targeted programmatic funding, and year round capacity building opportunities. Our relationship with ViiV expanded in 2011 to include the management of its national Community Grants, and again in 2015 to include the development and implementation of a highly targeted, ethnographically focused program in Jackson, MS and Baltimore, MD.

Ascena Retail Group’s Roslyn S. Jaffe Awards recognizes innovative start up organizations working to empower women and children in the areas of education, health, self-esteem, and social reform. TCC Group assisted with the strategic design of the program, implemented the First Awards nomination and application process in 2014 and has been responsible for ongoing strategic advice and management of the program ever since. From an initial application pool of several thousand, TCC administers the nomination and application processes, reviews the applications, conducts due diligence, prepares for and facilitates selection committee recommendations and meetings, to help narrow this pool down to one winner and two runners up.