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2019 Grantmakers In Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy

The Grantmakers In Health Annual Conference on Health Philanthropy is the largest annual gathering of health funders in the country, and the best place to learn from seasoned experts and philanthropic leadership and exchange information, ideas, and insights with colleagues. This year’s theme is, “Ideas. Innovations. Impact.

Using All the Tools in the Policy Change Toolbox

If your only tool is a hammer, does everything look like a nail? Health funders recognize that the nature of—and obstacles to—policy change are complex. Yet, despite this understanding, funders often limit themselves to a few, time-worn tools to advance policy change objectives. This workshop will examine infrequently used tools, such as strategic litigation, collaboration with 501(c)(4) organizations, and direct advocacy by foundations, and will explore how these strategies can complement more traditional approaches to informing and influencing policy change.

  • Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation & Learning (Lead Speaker)

Grantmakers In Health

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