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Building a Collaborative Culture

What can we learn from the experiences of grantmakers who have been intentional about ensuring that their organizational culture advances, rather than undermines, collaboration? Oftentimes, the most advanced collaborations comprise organizations that have systems, infrastructure, and policies in place that allow them to effectively engage with partners to effect change. In this session, we will dig into two key questions: (1) What does collaborative culture look like within a foundation? (2) How can grantmakers foster such internal culture in so that it manifests in the way they participate in various partnerships and collective work? Taking an inside look at a grantmaker known for flexing its collaborative muscles, we will learn how Hill-Snowdon Foundation is cultivating a collaborative culture and how that plays out in its relationships with key partners and day-to-day work.

  • Ashley Blanchard, Acting Director of Philanthropy, TCC Group
  • Nat Williams, Executive Director, Hill-Snowden Foundation

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

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