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Engaging the C-Suite: How to Build Internal Support for Your Corporate Citizenship Approach

Successful corporate citizens not only have a clear purpose, well defined goals, and a strong portfolio of programs—they also have the clear support of the CEO and senior leaders that understand the importance of integrating corporate citizenship into the culture and the business. In the majority of companies, however, senior leaders are not providing the leadership needed to ensure the success of their corporate citizenship approach.

Many of our colleagues cite the difficulties in getting the attention of senior leaders, especially when the company is going through changes, financial difficulties and/or facing external pressures. The major reason for this is that many of our Corporate Citizenship programs have not been integrated into the business and baked into the culture. Delivering business value and social value must be approached with the same amount of energy.

In this program, we will discuss what is necessary to engage leadership as well as the strategies to ensure their engagement. We will provide an overview of the major components that are present in successful companies and how to best develop them with limited support.

  • How to develop an effective corporate citizenship structure
  • How to develop a targeted communications strategy for senior leaders
  • How to leverage the CEO to integrate your approach into the business
  • How to identify champions to build internal engagement and support
  • Michael Fields, Senior Affiliate Consultant, TCC Group
  • Tom Knowlton, Partner and Director of the Corporate Practice, TCC Group

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