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Equity & Evaluation Practice in Cultural Organizations

With unprecedented attention to equity issues throughout the culture sector, how can evaluation practice in cultural organizations be equitable as well as feasible and effective? How do evaluator/sponsor power relations, community participation, funding, and related issues shape evaluation designs and how results are interpreted, distributed, and used?

In the first of a series of three webinars, the Cultural Research Network and the American Evaluation Association’s Arts, Culture & Museums Group are convening leading researchers, advocates, and consultants to explore core issues of evaluation and data equity, and case studies of Exploratorium and Whitney Museum programs. 

Overview of Equity and Evaluation: Presentation and Researcher Interview


Deepti will outline evaluation issues and scenarios of equity as a leading principle, a capacity, an afterthought, a point of tension, and tokenism. She is a co-author of Equity and Evaluation: Models of How Equity Can and Does Impact Evaluation. Deepti will also interview Dr. Cecilia Garibay about her report evaluating Exploratorium programs, and will share concluding thoughts at the end of the webinar.

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