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How Consultants Can Work With Organizations to Build Evaluation Capacity

New York Consortium of Evaluators, in partnership with Evaluate for Change, is hosting a discussion on the “client/consultant relationship.” Our panel is comprised of individuals from the nonprofit and evaluation consulting fields. They will discuss how consultants and organizations can utilize different approaches to build infrastructure for a sustainable evaluation project.

At the conclusion of the panel discussion, organization representatives  and independent evaluation consultants will have the opportunity to mingle and network.

  • Veronica Momjian, Principal Investigator/Independant Consultant, Public Works Partner
  • Lisa Frantzen, Senior Evaluation Consultant, TCC Group
  • Aliana H Pineiro, Evaluation Trainer, Evaluate for Change
  • Jessica Zulawski, Senior Evaluation Trainer, Evaluate for Change

New York Consortium of Evaluators
Evaluate for Change

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