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Strengthening Your CSR Impact Story with a Program Outcomes Framework

Companies are tackling numerous issues through their corporate citizenship programs, and they often struggle to tell a coherent CSR Impact story about their achievements. In many cases, that story is even more difficult to communicate due to unclear goals and a lack of a strategic approach to capturing the information necessary to tell a CSR Impact story. Strengthening a signature program’s goals and developing an outcomes framework to support the data collection process can reinforce the company’s commitment and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.

In this workshop, we will explore how companies tell a strong CSR Impact story, review the process for clarifying priority program goals, and describe how to build a framework for identifying and collecting the signature program information and data necessary to tell that story.

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  • Tom Knowlton, Partner and Director, Corporate Practice, TCC Group
  • Lisa Frantzen, Senior Evaluation Consultant, TCC Group
  • Jaime Barclay, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility, Symantec

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