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Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia Best Practice Forum: Cause Marketing

You already go above and beyond to do the thankless work of making people and the planet equally as important as profit when it comes to your bottom line. Have you considered leveraging your social and environmental values for marketing ROI? Don’t be so humble… You’re changing the world, you deserve to brag! Join us on September 11th to learn thoughtful and creative ways in which other values-based businesses are attracting and retaining customers in spite of their altruistic tendencies.

  • Katie Wright, Founder & Lead Consultant at RightCause, LLC. Katie is a cause marketing consultant passionate about building win-win-win relationships in the greater Philadelphia region. She helps businesses define their purpose (beyond profit) and activate their corporate values with cause marketing; a strategy that brings for-profit and nonprofit organizations together for mutual benefit. Finding the right partners and the right message can truly ignite employee morale and engage the community in the growth of local businesses.
  • Tom Knowlton, Partner & Director of Corporate Services at TCC Group. TCC Group is a social impact consulting firm that partners with foundations, nonprofits, and companies to address complex social problems. Grounded by a fundamental belief that the best corporate citizens understand the competitive advantage of having a clear purpose and values that align with their employees and customers, Tom develops and deploys a powerful strategic framework to connect the flow of influence and information within a company with the social impact goals of the company—linking executive vision and leadership with an approach and structure that leverages resources, engages employees, and creates measurable impact.
  • Michael Schweisheimer, Founder at PWP Video. PWP is a boutique shop with a crew of dedicated, talented individuals, all of whom share a passion for the medium of moving pictures. Michael has filmed across the country and on 5 continents (hint hint to anyone with projects on the Australian continent or Antarctica). PWP started in 2000 based on a referral from the chair of the film program at Temple University and is currently a certified B Corp that focuses its work on organizations and companies making a difference.
  • Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
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