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Telling Your CSR Impact Story: An Outcomes Framework for a Portfolio of Programs

Companies are facing increasing pressure to report on the impact and results of their various corporate citizenship programs, not only to customers and advocacy groups but also to senior leaders and employees. Yet programs focusing on community and social issues may not have a framework that adequately captures and communicates their measures of success. As a result, these programs often provide only the most basic information—total grants, employee volunteer hours, etc.—without providing the impact story.

In this workshop, we explore a high-level review of your portfolio of programs and the creation of an outcomes framework for the portfolio. Session attendees will be asked to complete a survey before the session, so that the discussion can focus on real life examples and attendees can leave with practical action steps.

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  • Tom Knowlton, Partner and Director, Corporate Practice, TCC Group
  • Lisa Frantzen, Senior Consultant, TCC Group

New Jersey Corporate Philanthropy Network
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers

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