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The Secret to Building Fundraising Capacity

When you ask any nonprofit what it needs most, you will ALWAYS get the same answer…money.

But is it really that cut and dried? The secret to successful fundraising actually lies in an organization’s ability to convey clearly WHAT it is raising money for, WHY it remains relevant in the social sector as a whole, and HOW it knows that it is actually achieving its goals.

Even the most extraordinary development professional, the most ambassadorial Board, and the most up-to-date CRM won’t help if these foundational pieces are not in place. Raising money is really about raising your organization’s capacity to effectively raise money.

This webinar will illuminate the “behind the scenes” elements every nonprofit needs if it is to be financially sustainable and how to elevate your capacity to support the amazing work you do!

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  • Julie Simpson, Director, Nonprofit Strategy & Capacity Building, TCC Group
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