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Democratizing the Development of Theories of Change

Leveraging New and Older Technology to Give Voice to Individuals & Sectors, to Tell the Story of Programs and the Communities They Serve   Thank you for attending the Democratizing the Development of Theories of Change presentation at Evaluation 2023…

October 13, 2023

Speaking Engagement



American Evaluation Association: Evaluation 2023 “The Power of Story”

October 11th: “What Kind of Story Can Be Told By Your Organization’s Demographics?: Overcoming Challenges to Effectively Collect and Use Organizational Demographic Data”- Poster Presentation by Amy Lippincott, and Stephanie Coker (Senior Manager, Strategic Learning and Evaluation, CVS Health Foundation)…

October 9, 2023

Speaking Engagement



The Communications Network Annual Conference- ComNet23

“The Art of Narrative Change: From Community Listening to Immersive Theater” This poster presentation by Jessie Landerman, Senior Consultant, Integrated Initiatives will explore how we partnered with communities to create immersive theater, its impact on audiences at all stages of…

September 20, 2023

Speaking Engagement



European Research Network on Philanthropy (ERNOP)

Session Title: Bold Problems Require Bold Funders, Implementers, and Solutions: Results from Testing a New Philanthropic Model Presented by: Lisa Frantzen, Associate Director, Evaluation and Learning Given its relatively small size compared to other sectors, philanthropy must be bold if…

June 29, 2023



Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Change Leadership Initiative Evaluation Series

TCC Group has led the initiative-level evaluation of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Change Leadership Initiative since the programs’ inception in 2015. While each NPC has its own evaluator that assesses program-specific experiences and outcomes, TCC’s evaluation focuses on cross-initiative learnings…

May 24, 2023