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A New Approach to Capacity Building

Jared Raynor, Director, Evaluation and Learning

Julie Simpson, Director, Nonprofit Effectiveness

“What you see is what you get.” This phrase is often used to describe a person who is very straightforward, but it can have another meaning – what you are able to see, what you choose to notice, affects what you can accomplish.

TCC’s Directors make a fundamental distinction between capacity (skills, knowledge and relationships) and capacity building (the process of cultivating those skills, knowledge and relationships), and map out the evolution of capacity building over the last few decades. The “end-result” is strategy and discussion that pays attention to all actors in the social ecosystem, their relationships, and their respective roles.

Read “Relational Capacity: A New Approach to Capacity Building in Philanthropy” in the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s winter journal >

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