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How Do We Design Meaningful Strategies with Communities? We Listen!

Category: Perspective

Implementing a Localized Evaluation & Learning Framework

“You have little power over what’s not yours” – Zimbabwean proverb  As evaluators we’re often brought in to assess the success of programs that are implemented in vastly different cultural contexts. So, to ensure that our evaluation is relevant, effective, and useful – how do we integrate the individuals closest to and most affected by … Continued

Letting Communities Lead: How National Funders Can Advance Equity by Partnering with Local and Regional Foundations

National funders have long sought ways to make positive social change happen in local communities. However, for some of these funders, place-based philanthropy encompasses pre-determined strategies, directive relationships with community “partners,” and strict accountability measures allowing little or no space to accommodate the particularities of local contexts. The all too frequent outcome of this type … Continued

Centering Communities: A Case Study of Partnering in Place from Baltimore and Jackson

Place-based work has been an essential cornerstone of investing since philanthropy’s inception; it allows funders to address the unique issues and needs of a specific geographic area or community.  It involves directing resources toward community organizations, initiatives, and projects to create positive social impact and improve the health of a specific area or region. While … Continued

Re-Evaluating Leadership Development Evaluation

The following article was originally published in Stanford Social Innovation Review as part of their “Recognizing Leadership in All Its Forms” series. To read the article in its entirety visit SSIR with your subscription information or download a PDF. The social sector generally considers leadership development a good investment, especially when it comes to cultivating systems-level change. But … Continued

Navigating Challenging Conversations: Getting on The Same Page to Strengthen the Impact of Your Family’s Philanthropy

We are in a time and place where more families and family foundations are reflecting on their role in society and examining how their philanthropic presence can or should be growing, adapting and evolving to better address societal changes.  As part of this process, families and family foundations are grappling with complex issues and facing … Continued

Small Steps to Great Impact in Trust-Based Philanthropy

As we settle into 2023, we know that many funders are determining how to best implement some of their lessons learned from last year, while looking for jumping off points for where and how they can go deeper in their work. Some of the questions we hear are: How can we improve our grantmaking to … Continued

Getting up to Speed on Supporting Grassroots

We only arrived in this decade a few years ago, and already the 2020s are a time of transformational social and policy change. A pandemic, the increasing threat of climate change, and significant racial justice awareness have increased the importance of policy and advocacy campaigns more than ever. With a vibe shift in the field … Continued

Improving Advocacy Coalition Support and Effectiveness

Like it or not, policy advocacy is a large group project.  Different advocacy organizations supporting the same policy bring different insights, resources, skills, and abilities to do the work. The form of these advocacy group projects is often advocacy coalitions.  More than 10 years ago, we first started examining advocacy coalitions. We identified ways to … Continued

New Questions for Advocacy Evaluators

As we’ve been sharing recently, TCC Group conducted three research studies over the last year about good practices for supporting or conducting advocacy in modern times. These pieces focused on understanding how funders can best support advocacy coalitions, how funders can best support grassroots organizations, and the best ways to work towards durable policy wins. … Continued