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AEA 365 Blog: Friends or Frenemies? Evaluation, Corporations and Sustainability

Category: Perspective

AEA 365 Blog: Friends or Frenemies? Evaluation, Corporations and Sustainability

Friends or Frenemies? Evaluation, Corporations and Sustainability by Morgan Buras-Finlay, Veronica Olazabal, Jared Raynor, and John Sherman Does evaluation have a role to play in supporting corporations seeking to advance environmental sustainability and other social benefits? In Friend for Frenemies? Evaluations, Corporations, and Sustainability, TCC’s Jared Raynor and colleagues in the field consider how evaluators … Continued

Localization Part 3: Whose Story Is It- Practices for Using a Localization Approach to Share and Interpret Evaluation Findings

Crucial to using a localization approach (i.e., integrating the voices of those who are most affected by the social or environmental challenges being addressed) is a mindset and a belief that everyone who touches a program or intervention brings skills to the table that can contribute to a successful evaluation. We are all taking in … Continued

Resolve to Build Bridges in Your Grantmaking

It’s a New Year with new beginnings. While any time of the year can be the right time to make a change or reimagine your work, the New Year brings a sense of renewal and promise. In this spirit, we propose making this the year you resolve to build bridges, not barriers, for grantees and … Continued

Storytelling Souvenirs

What TCC Group’s Evaluation Team Brought Back from The American Evaluation Association’s Evaluation 2023 Conference 📖 Storytelling and Evaluation Storytelling in evaluation is a powerful way to describe the cause and effect of programs or initiatives. Walking your audience down the path of a programmatic story is an immersive tactic that will lead to a … Continued

Taking the Prize in Expanding Donor Interest

While more than $1 trillion in new money for philanthropy has been promised through the Giving Pledge, most of this money remains on the sidelines. Despite the urgency of local, national, and global social and economic challenges, would-be donors have no accessible, trusted, and reliable way to choose with confidence among the many charitable causes, … Continued

A Journey From GenCon to Social Impact

“Gaming brings people together” – Lisa Su, CEO, Advanced Micro Devices This year, I had the unique opportunity to attend GenCon2023, North America’s largest tabletop game convention. With an estimated attendance surpassing 70,000, this year’s event gathered game designers, developers, distributors, and enthusiasts in Indianapolis. Over several days, attendees shared, tried out, and reveled in … Continued

Sparking New Collaborations and Deepening Relationships with Learning Communities

For funders considering various mechanisms for broader and deeper levels of engagement with organizations and stakeholders, Learning Communities are a powerful tool. They support the development of trusting and thoughtful relationships, cultivation of allies and supporters on mission-aligned topics, and establishment of credibility and expertise.  On the grantee side, Learning Communities provide pathways to connectivity … Continued

Gaming for Social Impact

“Games aren’t just filler in education. They have the ability to introduce, reinforce, or even assess learning of a given topic.” – Kara Carrero Games are fun. But what if we told you that we think that games can be so much more? What if games could not only teach, but evoke empathy, and drive … Continued

Small Steps to Great Impact in Trust-Based Philanthropy

As we settle into 2023, we know that many funders are determining how to best implement some of their lessons learned from last year, while looking for jumping off points for where and how they can go deeper in their work. Some of the questions we hear are: How can we improve our grantmaking to … Continued