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Meeting the Future with a New Approach to Readiness: Part II

Category: Perspective

Meeting the Future with a New Approach to Readiness: Part II

The unpredictability and overt inequity unmasked during the past two years are only the most recent impetus for TCC Group to articulate how we see the concept of “readiness” evolving in ways that can generate new solutions and ensure equitable outcomes. To help advance this transition from static notions of preparedness to a dynamic process … Continued

At the Social Sector Crossroads: A Different, More Enlightened Path

What must we do when the walls of our communal house crumble, revealing the weakness of its foundations and infrastructure? The need for repair and renovation becomes urgent. We at TCC Group show up with our values and our skills, ready to re-examine the status quo, orchestrate consensus, and catalyze change. As habitual processes camouflage … Continued

Meeting the Future with a New Approach to Readiness

Historically, readiness was considered a state, a set of conditions one could reach, at which point an organization would be deemed fit to work successfully for a predictable period of time. Such an approach to readiness wasn’t without problems, including significant equity issues.  But in today’s world, this approach has been rejected, wrestled with, and … Continued

Will foundations’ next crisis response be déjà vu all over again?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and national movement against police brutality and racism, the philanthropy sector appears motivated to embrace new approaches to transformational change—and yet is also moving cautiously and at times hesitantly toward undertaking the types of fundamental institutional realignment approaches that will deliver real systemic equity and justice.