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From “Good” to “Great” (or Better Yet, Impactful)

Julie Simpson, Director, Nonprofit Effectiveness

Charles Gasper, Senior Consultant, Evaluation and Learning

Does a “good board” really a strong organization make?

Fixing your board…that’s what many of us in leadership positions in the nonprofit sector believe it takes to improve our organizational impact. But how much does developing and educating your board really improve the way your organization does its work?

At TCC Group, we have spent years understanding the capacities a nonprofit needs to thrive. Our Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) helps an organization measure its leadership, adaptive, management, and technical capacities to prioritize what and how to improve its operations to really make a difference.

Partnering with BoardSource, we culled data from more than 4,000 nonprofits that have administered the CCAT, either once or more than once over the past decade to determine whether there is a direct link between improving a board and the overall ability of the nonprofit to effectively achieve its mission.

Read about the findings in “From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ (or Better Yet, Impactful)” on BoardSource’s blog >

Explore TCC’s presentation at the BoardSource Leadership Forum 2015 that shares these findings in greater depth (and visually!) >

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